Healthy Snacking to Save the world!

Ketan Parmar was born to an agricultural family in Gujarat, India. His grandfather’s organic farming techniques informed him of the benefits of doing away with toxic chemicals. Since 2011, Ketan Parmar has laboured hard to promote organic farming to others in his hometown. He founded Krishi Naturals, a social enterprise, with seed capital from the DBS Foundation. Krishi Naturals has an important social mission to fulfil: to educate more farmers on the economic and health benefits of switching to farming naturally and matching them with customers who want organic produce.

Pictured: Multi-generations of farmers are converting to organic farming.

So far, Krishi Naturals has converted 800 farmers and 400 families to farming and eating organic respectively. As a result, much less toxic chemicals from synthetic fertilisers and harmful pesticides are going into the groundwater and ground soil of Gujarat. The farmers they partnered with also see a 50-80% increase in income.

But even if your groceries at home are good for the planet - what do you do when it’s 3pm at the office? Reaching for that chocolate bar? Think again!

Boxgreen is a Singaporean-based startup that curates and delivers healthy and natural snacks for your office or even to get delivered to your doorstep at home! The snacks are not just free of artificial flavours, colours and preservatives; they are portion-controlled and approved by nutritionists as well. For every box you buy, a portion of the sales are donated to Willing Hearts, a soup kitchen that feeds the less privileged.

Elsewhere in Taiwan, eating organic means supporting the Taiwanese aboriginal community. Aurora Social Enterprise partners 50 aboriginal farmers in the quaint towns of Alishan, Xinyi and Reni. With the support of DBS, the social enterprise established Manna Cafe. The cafe has a menu of amazing dishes prepared with organic produce grown by the aboriginal farmers. It also has organic coffee and tea!

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