Description Announced Date Ex Date Payment Date Amount (cents)1
Final dividend2 10-Feb-21 7-Apr-21 24-May-21 18 one-tier
(Scrip price: TBC)
3Q interim dividend2 5-Nov-20 12-Nov-20 29-Dec-20 18 one-tier
(Scrip price: $23.93)
2Q interim dividend2 6-Aug-20 14-Aug-20 5-Oct-20 18 one-tier
(Scrip price: $21.04)
1Q interim dividend 30-Apr-20 12-May-20 26-May-20 33 one-tier
Final dividend 13-Feb-20 12-May-20 26-May-20 33 one-tier
3Q interim dividend 11-Nov-19 18-Nov-19 29-Nov-19 30 one-tier
2Q interim dividend 29-Jul-19 5-Aug-19 20-Aug-19 30 one-tier
1Q interim dividend 29-Apr-19 17-May-19 31-May-19 30 one-tier
Final dividend 18-Feb-19 2-May-19 17-May-19 60 one-tier
1H interim dividend 2-Aug-18 8-Aug-18 21-Aug-18 60 one-tier
Final dividend 8-Feb-18 3-May-18 15-May-18 60 one-tier
Special dividend 8-Feb-18 3-May-18 15-May-18 50 one-tier
1H interim dividend2 4-Aug-17 11-Aug-17 27-Sep-17 33 one-tier
Final dividend2 16-Feb-17 4-May-17 20-Jun-17 30 one-tier
1H interim dividend2 8-Aug-16 15-Aug-16 29-Sep-16 30 one-tier
Final dividend2 22-Feb-16 5-May-16 20-Jun-16 30 one-tier
1H interim dividend2 27-Jul-15 31-Jul-15 18-Sep-15 30 one-tier
Final dividend2 10-Feb-15 27-Apr-15 12-Jun-15 30 one-tier
1H interim dividend2 1-Aug-14 13-Aug-14 26-Sep-14 28 one-tier
Final dividend2 14-Feb-14 12-May-14 26-Jun-14 30 one-tier
1H interim dividend2 1-Aug-13 15-Aug-13 30-Sep-13 28 one-tier
Final dividend2 6-Feb-13 13-May-13 27-Jun-13 28 one-tier
1H interim dividend2 03-Aug-12 15-Aug-12 01-Oct-12 28 one-tier
Final dividend2 10-Feb-12 09-May-12 29-Jun-12 28 one-tier
1H interim dividend2 28-Jul-11 08-Aug-11 30-Sep-11 28 one-tier
Final dividend2 11-Feb-11 12-May-11 05-Jul-11 28 one-tier
2Q interim dividend2 30-Jul-10 20-Aug-10 13-Oct-10 14 one-tier
1Q interim dividend2 07-May-10 20-May-10 08-Jul-10 14 one-tier
Final dividend2 05-Feb-10 20-May-10 08-Jul-10 14 one-tier
3Q interim dividend 06-Nov-09 18-Nov-09 04-Dec-09 14 one-tier
2Q interim dividend 07-Aug-09 20-Aug-09 04-Sep-09 14 one-tier
1Q interim dividend 08-May-09 20-May-09 04-Jun-09 14 one-tier
Final dividend 13-Feb-09 14-Apr-09 29-Apr-09 14 one-tier
3Q interim dividend 07-Nov-08 19-Nov-08 04-Dec-08 17 one-tier
2Q interim dividend 07-Aug-08 19-Aug-08 03-Sep-08 17 one-tier
1Q interim dividend 07-May-08 20-May-08 04-Jun-08 17 one-tier
Final dividend 15-Feb-08 07-Apr-08 22-Apr-08 17 one-tier
3Q interim dividend 26-Oct-07 07-Nov-07 26-Nov-07 17 less tax
2Q interim dividend 27-Jul-07 07-Aug-07 23-Aug-07 17 less tax
1Q interim dividend 04-May-07 16-May-07 01-Jun-07 17 less tax
Special dividend 15-Feb-07 10-Apr-07 25-Apr-07 4 less tax
Final dividend 15-Feb-07 10-Apr-07 25-Apr-07 17 less tax
3Q interim dividend 27-Oct-06 08-Nov-06 23-Nov-06 14 less tax
2Q interim dividend 28-Jul-06 10-Aug-06 25-Aug-06 14 less tax
1Q interim dividend 28-Apr-06 11-May-06 26-May-06 14 less tax
Final dividend 17-Feb-06 04-Apr-06 20-Apr-06 14 less tax
3Q interim dividend 28-Oct-05 11-Nov-05 28-Nov-05 13 less tax
2Q interim dividend 29-Jul-05 11-Aug-05 26-Aug-05 13 less tax
1Q interim dividend 29-Apr-05 19-May-05 07-Jun-05 9 less tax
Final dividend 18-Feb-05 05-May-05 20-May-05 19 less tax
1H interim dividend 30-Jul-04 12-Aug-04 27-Aug-04 15 less tax
Final dividend 20-Feb-04 04-May-04 19-May-04 14 less tax
1H interim dividend 01-Aug-03 13-Aug-03 28-Aug-03 12 less tax
Final dividend 21-Feb-03 24-Apr-03 12-May-03 14 less tax
1H interim dividend 22-Jul-02 01-Aug-02 19-Aug-02 12 less tax
Final dividend 19-Feb-02 03-May-02 20-May-02 14 less tax
1H interim dividend 24-Jul-01 02-Aug-01 20-Aug-01 12 less tax


  • 1 Adjusted for the rights issue announced on 22-Dec-08. Amounts paid prior to this date were adjusted by a factor of 0.85 based on the one-for-two entitlement and subscription price of $5.42 per rights share (a discount of approximately 45% to the pre-announcement closing price)
  • 2 Scrip Dividend Scheme applies. Learn more about our Scrip Dividend Scheme here.

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