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Who are the UNI.CORNs 2017?

May 25, 2017


Interested to know more about their background and areas of interest?

Check out this quick breakdown of their schools/courses and their individual profiles below.



Political Science,

Celine majors in Political Science with a minor in Southeast Asian Studies. She enjoys learning about the politics and society of the Asia-Pacific. Having embarked on rewarding student conferences in Thailand and Indonesia, and a semester abroad in China, she is always game to experience the diversity of the region! One of her ambitions is to be competently multilingual because she believes that language is an important medium that connects people across borders. She is currently studying Bahasa Indonesia and Japanese as her third and fourth languages respectively. In her own time, she loves doing sports like tennis and rock climbing, the latter of which she has done competitively for seven years.


Life Sciences,


Natalie Cheung is an undergraduate student from University College London (UCL) and the National University of Singapore (NUS). As a Life Sciences major, she is interested in entomology, and all things related to bugs/insects! Having done a previous internship at a government lab studying Singapore’s mosquitoes and vector viruses, Nat is committed to solving problems and making things happen. In her free time, she can be found kayaking on the Kallang River or painting and sketching around town. Growing up in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore and London is what makes Nat a globetrotter. Currently working with the DBS Innovation team, she is very excited to be working on the forefront of projects with the potential ability to transform and mould the future of banking.


Accountancy and Business,

Rayner was first exposed to the Fintech world during his summer internship with Tryb Capital back in 2016. Ever since then, his interest in the disruptive (or transformative) technology on the incumbents has only grown stronger. He embraces and acknowledges the importance of innovation and design thinking, and is considering taking a Master of Science Technopreneurship and Innovation Programme after graduation. The only other topic that can grab Rayner’s interest is his burning passion for food. With his dream of opening his own food business (probably as a Hawkerpreneur), he is constantly looking out for the latest craze in town and coolest hawkers in Singapore.

Zhi Wei


(Banking & Finance),

Zhi Wei likes to pick up new skills and train them up like Pokémon. From graphic designing to Python programming, he has developed a wide array of tools under his belt and can use them in different combinations to overcome any challenges (or gym masters). Zhi Wei also enjoys solving business cases where he gets to make beautiful slides and craft engaging presentation speeches. He recently took part in the Unilever Future Leaders’ League in London. Having done a previous internship in DBS Institutional Banking Group, he wants to take things to the next level with his newfound UNI.CORN talent.



Business (Finance and Operations Management),


Ann is double majoring in Finance and Operations Management. As someone who believes fervently in taking risks and always move forward, she began her entrepreneurship journey with an internship with an events ticketing start-up, EventNook. Ann enjoys challenges and picking up new skills. She is also actively teaching herself to code to further her passion for data analytics. Ann also enjoys challenges, adventures and has represented Singapore in international basketball competitions. She is also an avid water skier and snorkeler and one day hopes to scale to several base camps in the Himalayas, write a book and set up a 菜飯 store.


Business (Finance),

As an undergraduate, Nicholas’ interests lie in equity research and markets, with the aim of understanding the fundamentals interactions between global events and market movements. Beyond the banalities (as he sees it, anyway) of academic pursuit, he enjoys new experiences that push him to understand himself better; his limits, capabilities and passions. He worked in Sales and Operations in The Walt Disney Company to understand the movie industry he loves, winning first place in the Walt Disney Intern Challenge and getting free paraphernalia are experiences he will cherish for years to come. Beyond that, he loves music - playing gigs in an acoustic duo, and riding motorcycles - dreaming of owning a Triumph Motorcycle in the next couple of years.


Psychology and Marketing,


Sean is an undergraduate majoring in Psychology and Marketing. He previously interned at and Automotive Ventures in Singapore and the U.S.A. respectively. He aspires to become an entrepreneur in the technology or F&B space someday. Sean is keenly interested in reading or YouTube-ing about all things technology and politics and regards Trevor Noah as one of the funniest political commentators alive. Sean also has an unhealthy obsession with getting shut-eye but can be otherwise found pursuing his passion for the triathlon (or at least trying to) in his waking hours. He loves to travel and go on road trips but eventually wants to retire on a private island and spend his days doing absolutely nothing.

Sheng Yao



UNI.CORN Sheng Yao is an Accountancy Undergraduate. His career aim is to build up deep financial expertise and eventually move into a strategic business development role. Before joining DBS, his internship in audit and treasury has helped him to develop experience in technical analysis, communication and interpersonal skills. Now as a UNI.CORN, Sheng Yao aims to build capabilities in the fields of project creation, planning, and execution. He has a range of interests from Behavioural Sciences, Investing, and Economics and hopes to further build up his knowledge and expertise in a myriad of domains to enrich his personal development.  Favorite quote: “Becoming is better than Being” - Carol Dweck.



Business Administration (Finance),

Fion is an undergraduate studying business administration and majoring in Finance. She previously interned at a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), Oxley Capital, a subsidiary of Cambridge Trust. As an explorer, she likes to undertake new adventures to enrich her learning and be amazed by what the world has to offer. Because of that, Fion has actively joined committees and activities. In particular, she was part of 15-member fundraising committee that raised 200,000 dollars, an active member of several sports club in various organisations and also took on the challenge as Vice-Chairperson of Sports Management Unit. She thoroughly enjoys sports and has once represented the Singapore Youth Team in Water Polo.


Business (Accounting and Finance),

Justin is a business student majoring in Accountancy and Finance, whose life goal is to put a smile on people’s faces. His professional aim is to change the landscape of banking to better serve customers. The UNI.CORN internship is his first foray into the innovation world, and he is excited about the endless opportunities available and the potential impact he can create. As a former national bowler, Justin represented Singapore in numerous competitions around the world and gained invaluable experience. His sporting experience has ingrained in him a desire to excel and a spirit of perseverance.


Human Resource Consulting,

Sharlene is pursuing a degree in Human Resource Consulting. She lives by the principle – “When there is a will, there is a way”, and is undaunted by failure. She’s like a plate of rojak, with a balanced mix of a little bit of everything. She loves adventures as well as trying new things. In school, Sharlene has led dance teams and participated in numerous volunteer expeditions. Outside of work, she enjoys performing, playing with her dogs and travelling – she wants to see the world! Sharlene firmly believes in the prevalence of Human Centered Design in our everyday lives and loves learning by interacting with people and gathering insights from all walks of life.


Information Systems and Analytics,

Weilun is deeply interested in the development of social Enterprises both locally and globally. He previously led a 25-man overseas community project to serve the needy in Vietnam and further participated in a business study trip to South Korea to experience and understand the Korea start-up scene. He also had previous experience in developing a mobile application to aid with book-keeping for street hawkers, whom he believes are a group of dying and forgotten key contributors to the local economy and society. Majoring in Information Systems and Analytics, he previously interned at IBM, learning how to handle big data and analysis. He hopes to better use his knowledge in Information Technology and analytics to help the less fortunate in the society.


Chuan Ji

Business (Accountancy),


Chuan Ji is currently a penultimate student reading Accountancy at Nanyang Business School. He is a firm believer in taking charge of one’s life and making opportunities happen by choice. Chuan Ji’s childhood dream was to be an inventor and to make the world a brighter place. While he has been influenced by the pragmatism of being a Singaporean, he still has a passion in everything new and strives to keep abreast of the latest fintech start-up or technology in the entrepreneur space. Outside of work, Chuan Ji is a community grassroots leader and regularly organizes events to help the underprivileged. He also enjoys playing handball, reading about wars, and dreams of the day when Manchester United lifts the Premier League Trophy again.


Business (Finance),

Jonathan is an undergraduate business student at SMU, majoring in Finance. He strongly believes in pushing the boundaries of his potential, both physically and mentally and lives by the principle – “The sky is not the limit. Your mind is.” He has a keen interest in innovation and technology as he believes it is important to always challenge the status quo for society to progress. He seeks a dynamic work environment and have worked in exciting places like Changi Airport and PwC Management Consulting. Outside of work, Jonathan has a great passion for sports like Triathlon and Soccer and have represented SMU in both. He aims to complete an Ironman 70.3 as part of his grad trip.


Economics & Quantitative Finance,

Leyi is fascinated by how start-ups can make a real difference in the lives of ordinary people. Before joining the DBS UNI.CORN programme, she interned at CoinHako, a Singapore-based bitcoin exchange, where she learned about the difficulties of running a start-up and about the potential of blockchain ecosystems to revolutionize information. She finds herself inspired by the bold and creative spirit of entrepreneurs who are not afraid to take a leap and empathize with their customers. Meanwhile, she is busy catching up on the latest developments in research so that they can be applied with insights generated from businesses for a broader impact.

Ying Sheng

Accountancy and Business (Banking and Finance),


Ying Sheng is an undergraduate student from NTU’s business school, majoring in banking and finance. He has a keen interest in the markets and believes in the potential of fintech start-ups to disrupt the current banking ecosystem. Ying Sheng is eager to learn and carve out a niche for himself in this industry and strives to keep up with the latest financial and tech trends. He hopes to disrupt current financial services and shrink the role of the traditional bank. Ying Sheng also loves to work out and travel the world to broaden his perspectives.



Business Administration (Finance),

Elvin lives by the philosophy that 1 plus 1 does not always equal to 2. Meaning that with creativity and a tenacious spirit, anyone can tap into the potential for value creation that lies all around us. Elvin's strengths lie in reimagining the complex and exploring new answers to old problems. Pursuing a BBA degree with a specialisation in finance, he is confident of achieving his dream – making an impact in the banking industry with fantastical yet feasible solutions. An avid coffee drinker, there's nothing that he enjoys more than good company and a cup in hand!


Accountancy and Business,

Jeniece lives by the principle “if not today, then when?”. This applies not only to the amount of food she eats per meal but also to the attitude with which she approaches challenges thrown at her. On top of juggling a double degree in Accountancy and Business, Jeniece actively pursues her love for dance. She is part of the NTU’s hip hop dance group and also actively participates in her hall’s dance. She was given the opportunity to choreograph a competition piece in 2016, and represented her hall as the lead dancer in 2017. Her interest in finance took her to General Electric, where she had a summer internship as part of the Finance Management Programme. She also took on an executive committee member role in the Banking and Finance Club in NTU.



Shaun is deeply interested in understanding people. He enjoys exploring how individuals’ daily living and work processes can be improved. Shaun has done internships at the Ministry of Education, the Home Team Behavioural Sciences Centre, the HEAD Foundation, and antics@play, where he has applied his passion for psychology across different fields. He has also gone on study trips to the UK, the US, and the Netherlands to widen his perspectives. Shaun loves listening to the stories of the people around him and understanding their points of view. Naturally, he would love to meet you and get to hear your stories too.

Zong Wei

Information Systems,

Zong Wei is a basketball and games enthusiast. His greatest dream is travelling into outer space, and while it may seem impossible for an ordinary person, he believes that with the advancement of science and tech, one day, it will definitely be a reality.He also has a keen interest in travelling and finds joy in interacting with people from other countries. He hopes to travel the world to share his experiences.


Lay Ping

Business Administration,


Lay Ping is a Business Administration undergraduate at NUS, specialising in Finance. As a number enthusiast and a passionate problem-solver, she is also interested in business analytics and entrepreneurship. Previously working at MoneySmart, she enjoyed being in a start-up culture and actively sought for opportunities that challenge her beyond her comfort zone. She also aspires to start her company in the future. Her professional motto is to “do well by doing good”. In her spare time, she enjoys sourcing for good food and occasionally baking.


Economics and Finance,

Palmer is a final-year student at SMU with a keen interest in the Finance Industry. Having worked with private investment firms, as well as companies such as Great Eastern Assurance and Maybank, he has set his sights on carving a career in FinTech. A huge fan of Clayton Christensen’s Theory of Disruptive Innovation, Palmer believes that incumbent businesses must either adapt or die. In his free time, Palmer enjoys dabbling in the events management scene and occasionally does freelance emceeing for events.


Operations Management and Information Systems,

Sherman is a fixer. An avid problem solver, he loves a challenge and often proposes unique solutions for every situation. He has previous experience in events management, to which he attributes his gumption, leadership skills, and thick skin. Completing double majors in Operations Management and Information Systems, Sherman seeks to make life easier through efficiency and automation. He has a passion for innovation and is looking to find the next big thing in FinTech. In his free time, he enjoys taking part in debates and taking long walks around Singapore.

Yun Yi

Banking and Finance,


Yun Yi is a Banking and Finance undergraduate at the University of London (SIM Global Education). She’s a highly adaptable, precise and self-motivated individual who enjoys immersing herself in different landscapes to broaden her views. Her voracious appetite to learn has equipped her with a remarkable spread of skill sets and range of experience gained from interning at The Asian Banker and Career Connect at SIM Global Education. She is also actively involved in community services. Yun Yi firmly believes that adversities sculpt great character, and is always on the lookout for available opportunities to put her skills to the test.



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