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By UNI.CORN Team 2.5 BT | Celine, Nat, Rayner and Zhi Wei

A Peek into the UNI.CORN life with Team 2.5 B.T

May 31, 2017

HI GUYS!!! We are *2.5 BT!*, the first team of the DBS UNI.CORN Management Internship Programme to kick off this series of blog posts about our ongoing experiences as Unicorns! (Some say that you save the best for last, but we’d like to differ.) Our super excited, mega hyped and incredibly ambitious team is comprised of Celine, Nat, Rayner and Zhi Wei, and we intend to make these 12 weeks with DBS as rewarding and fun as it can be.

Our mentor Stephanie inspired this look.

2.5 BT was conceptualized over a scrumptious lunch spread of Korean dishes in the heart of Biopolis. Can you guess what BT stands for? (Hint: It’s not bank transfer). After that momentous lunch, we made our way to our home for the next 12 weeks; the DBS Asia X (DAX) at the Sandcrawler building (If you’re thinking Star Wars, bingo!).


DAX is unlike any office place you’ve ever seen. There are bean bags, rainbows, ping-pong, gravity-defying plants, and even grass!


It wasn’t soon before our team carved our cozy corner in this new, foreign environment; we created a treehouse/ fortress/ nest/ enclave/ stable/ cave/ castle/ home for ourselves to be comfortable in. This is where we work, play and rest! Sneak-peak:

Our little home one and a half weeks into this internship

Now that you know us slightly better, let us bring you through “A Day at DAX with 2.5 B.T”! But wait... every day here at DAX is different! For your understanding, we shall try to summarise our experience thus far in a series of events.

Learning on the job


Well first, unlike regular internships, we actually...  learn. This Unicorn internship has MasterClasses prepared for us throughout the three months! Each lesson is conducted by industry practitioners, designed to induct us into the agile methodology and design thinking that DBS has adopted. After each class, we are also given the opportunity to practise what we have learnt. Just after learning about Human Centric Design, we applied it right away in a fieldwork on Sunday!



Conducting Field Work


Ever had to do the dire task of overtime (OT)?


At the UNI.CORN program, OT is never dull, dismal or dreaded, rather, it is celebrated! Our first overtime was on a Sunday on our first week of work - on Mother’s Day no less! We had a picnic at Chinese Gardens, makan-ing (🍙🍱🍣🍌🍹) and chatting with Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs) - a target group for our project - to better understand their needs. We found that many are mothers in their own rights, working miles away from home just to put food on the table. This experience was insightful as it allowed us to better identify with the FDWs and reminded us of how fortunate we really are (#humble #blessed #whynotboth). Besides these FDWs we also got to hold interviews with many other people over the week as well.

Picnicking as we OT on a Sunday

As a group, we also make it a point to take a photo together every day to chart our daily experiences (you can drop by and visit our photo wall in our treehouse/ fortress/ nest/ enclave/ stable/ cave/ castle/ home anytime!). Here are some of the snapshots that we’ve gathered so far in these two weeks:

The day our little home was born, 09/05/2017.

Perks of working @DAX


After everything said and done, let’s get to the best part of this internship: The Pantry. No two days are the same as the selection of snacks differs every single day. Check back in with Team BT in a few weeks to see how much fatter we’ve gotten and of course, our work progress! Here are some snapshots of our happy place~

Thanks for reading, 2.5 BT out *mic drop*.



Team 2.5 BT


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