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By Stephanie Chu | Head of Partnerships and DBS.UNI.CORN, DBS

Let the challenges begin!

May 31, 2017

What? Has it already been a year since we started the UNI.CORN programme?

It’s been over two weeks since they started but we want to welcome (officially on the web) the 24 DBS UNI.CORN Management Interns who have come on board for the second cycle of this programme.


When we started this internship, we wanted to create an extraordinary experience for students and for the bank – an experience that most other companies don’t provide. Our goal was, and still is, to amplify the spirit of entrepreneurship in the education sector and within the bank. We want to get these students out of their comfort zone, to think like entrepreneurs, and to solve real problems. Similarly, we are looking at our challenge sponsors to think, act lean and agile when working alongside the UNI.CORNs. And to help them collaborate better and think creatively, we let the UNI.CORNs design their workspace at DBS Asia X (DAX)!


We built this internship to be a meaningful journey for students to bridge the academic-professional gap and prepare them for the professional world. Over the course of the programme, the UNI.CORNs are empowered to work closely with our business leads as they tackle problems in the banking industry.


As author Halford E. Luccock stated, “No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” Which is why we’re thankful for all the collaborators in this programme across DBS as well as the external partners who are joining forces to make this UNI.CORN symphony happen.


This year, we’re also proud to see such diverse talent joining the UNI.CORN programme. We have students from areas such as business and finance, to political science, life sciences, and psychology. The only way for businesses to grow is to have diverse perspectives, and we’re extremely delighted to see students outside of traditional fields venturing into the banking, finance and Fintech space.


But enough from me really, it’s more important that you hear from these guys, and I’m sure they’ll be sharing interesting stories about their experience as they in the coming weeks ahead.



Stephanie chu

Stephanie loves problem solving and problem solvers. As the Head of Partnerships, Singapore, at the DBS Innovation Group, she creates and runs platforms for the bank and external partners to learn from each other and ultimately co-create. To learn more about partnering with DBS, connect with Stephanie on LinkedIn!


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