Key Facts on Credit Card Charges


Key Facts on Credit Card Charges

Description of charges

Fee Amount (INR)


Customer Segment

Joining Fees (First year fee)

Annual Fees (second year onwards)

Joining /Annual Membership Fee

DBS Treasures Elite customers

Rs. 10,000


DBS Treasures customers

Rs. 20,000


Any other segment/NTB customer

Rs. 50,000






Overdue interest charges

Monthly rate 3.5% & annual rate 42%; applicable from the transaction date

Over limit penalty

Rs. 600

Cash Advance Charges

Flat fee: 2.5% of cash amount (Min. Rs. 500)

Charge-slip retrieval charges

Rs. 100

In case of default, Overdue Penalty/ Late Payment charges

Amount Due à Charge

Upto Rs.100 à NIL

Upto Rs.500 & More than Rs.100 à Rs.99

Upto Rs.5000 & More than Rs.500 à Rs.499

More than Rs.5000 à 10% of Amount due (max. Rs.1299)

Fuel Transaction Charge^

1% surcharge on fuel transaction value or Rs.10/- whichever is higher.


The surcharge waiver is applicable on minimum fuel transactions of Rs.1000 and maximum of Rs.6000 per statement cycle

Card Replacement

Rs. 3000 per card re-issued

Return Payment charges (Cheque/SI/insufficient funds etc.)

Rs. 500 per Instance

Physical Statement Fee

Rs. 100

Cash Payment at branches

Rs.250 per cash deposit at DBS branches

Digital Statement Fee for prior 2 years period

Rs. 100

Reward Redemption Fees

for each redemption request

Surcharge on Purchase / Cancellation of Railway Tickets*

IRCTC Service Charges + Payment Gateway transaction charges (up to 1.8% of ticket amount)

Foreign Currency Transaction** (Forex mark-up)

0% at Singapore and 1.75% for other countries. 

Fee on rental Transactions***

1% on Transaction amount

EMI foreclosure charges

3% of unpaid principal amount

Split and Pay processing fee

2% Subject to a minimum of Rs 249

Hot listing Charges

INR 100

All fees and charges attract Goods and Service tax (GST) at standard rate of 18% p.a on the specified charge. Please refer for detailed T&Cs for all charges.

This document is to be read in conjunction with detailed MITC, Cardmember agreement and Product T&Cs. For details, please refer to

Other important terms as applicable on credit cards are as mentioned below:

Interest free (grace) period (with illustration) - The interest free (grace) period could range between 20 to 50 days. However, such grace period is not applicable, if the previous month’s outstanding balance has not been cleared in full. Example: For an Account Statement Dated 20 Nov 2023, the Payment Due Date is 10 Dec 2023, which is 20 days from the Statement Date, is called interest free grace period. For cases, where the bill payment done in a statement cycle is less than Minimum due amount or payment is not made, the payment due date for the next cycle will be immediate on the statement generated date (without grace period) due to the overdue amount.

Withdrawal Limits: Limits such as Credit limit and Cash Limit will be notified / available in the welcome kit at the time of card delivery, DBS Card+ app and monthly statements. Available Credit Limit is calculated by deducting utilized limit from Total credit limit and is available on the DBS Card+ app/ monthly statement.

Billing: The Bank will send, on registered email, a statement for each billing period (monthly) during which there is any transaction or outstanding on the Card Account. Please ensure that your email id registered with us is active. Additionally, you may access your monthly statements via DBS card+app

Minimum Amount Payable: MAD (Minimum amount Due) is the minimum amount required to pay to keep the Card Account in good credit standing. The MAD is calculated as 5% of your principal outstanding (subject to a minimum of Rs. 100)+ Sum of all instalments (EMI) + any other fees & charges, as applicable + any previous unpaid dues + 5% of Revolving Interest.  Please note – In case you are unable to pay MAD by the payment due date, we are required to report the non-payment to the credit bureau(s) as per regulatory guidelines.

Method of payment: Various channels available are – DBS Card+ app, Online payments, NEFT, IMPSor Cash payment at DBS Branches. For details, please refer

For NEFT – Pay using other bank Internet Banking facility by adding DBS Credit Card in the beneficiary section with 16-digit DBS Credit Card number, IFSC - DBSS0IN0811 at the time of beneficiary registration for fund transfer.

For IMPS - Pay using other bank account by adding DBS Credit Card in the beneficiary section with 16-digit DBS Credit Card number, IFSC - DBSS0IN0811, at the time of beneficiary addition.

Billing Disputes Resolution / Grievance Redressal Escalation: You can reach out to us at [email protected] or 24 hours call centre at 18002094555 or our Overseas customer service number +9144 6685 4555 or Cards helpline (Singapore) - +65 800 852 6186  For escalation, please refer to details available at or email [email protected]

Registered or Postal Address: DBS Bank India Limited, 6th Floor, The Ruby, Ruby Corporate Park, North East wing, 29, Senapati Bapat Marg, Tulsi Pipe Road, Dadar West, Mumbai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400028

Please Note:

The above-mentioned fees and charges are subject to changes or amendments at the Bank’s discretion from time to time. Such variations or amendments will be notified to the Cardholder in any manner the Bank deems fit and will become effective pursuant to the relevant terms and conditions of the Bank’s Credit Cardholder Agreement.

^ The Fuel transaction surcharge and Railway ticket booking surcharge are indicative only. These surcharges are levied by the acquirer (merchant’s bank providing terminal / payment gateway) and actual surcharge might vary across different acquirers.  GST charged on fuel surcharge is non-refundable. Fuel Surcharge Waiver will be capped at 1% of the eligible fuel transaction amounts. Fuel surcharge waiver capped at Rs. 200 per billing cycle.

* Refer IRCTC website for details

** Transactions at merchant establishments that are registered overseas even if the merchant is located in India attract a cross border charge.

***The definition of categories (like fuel, rent etc.) defined from time to time shall have the same meaning as ascribed to the categories by VISA or MasterCard under their respective Merchant Category Codes (MCC). The franchisees have listed qualifying criteria for Merchant Establishments to qualify to be listed under a specified category (like fuel, rent etc).

NTB – New-to-Bank Customer