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DBS Hong Kong and Manulife proudly present Million Challenge of the Valley races in the new season

13th September, 2019

DBS Hong Kong, Manulife Hong Kong and The Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) are pleased to announce a 3-year partnership for the “DBS x Manulife Million Challenge” starting from the new racing season (2019/20).

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DBS Hong Kong sparks future with sustainable solutions

12th September, 2019

In embodying the future of banking, DBS is on a journey to become a leading bank that creates sustainable solutions to serve the dynamic economies of Hong Kong and Asia

DBS Hong Kong and Hong Yip transform property management into joyful digital experience

9th September, 2019

Countless cheques are used in Hong Kong every month, burdening individuals & corporates with long processing time, reconciliation work and creating paper waste.
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