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Mainland China outpaces western countries to become undisputed global FinTech leader

5th December, 2016

DBS EY Report
While the UK and the US have jostled to be recognized as leading global FinTech centers, China has leapfrogged ahead to become the undisputed global FinTech hub. The speed, sophistication and scale of development of China’s FinTech ecosystem have been at a level unmatched in more established markets. As banks and financial services institutions in the West look at ways to incrementally innovate, China’s technology leaders are revolutionizing many aspects of financial services.

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DBS Foundation awards over HK$5 million in grants to 12 social enterprises in Hong Kong and across Asia

18th November, 2016

DBS Foundation
Hong Kong charitable giving mobile app startup Givo and 11 other innovative social enterprises from across Asia are the beneficiaries of over HK$5 million in funding support this year from the DBS

Alert on fraudulent website

17th November, 2016

DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited would like to alert our customers and the public that the official website of DBS in Hong Kong is
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