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DBS Bank Annual Report 1998

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Corporate Governance

Human Resources Committees

We believe that successful organisations are made up of passionate, driven leaders - talented people who can articulate our vision; gain organisational understanding and support for specific business initiatives; and energise those whom they lead. We know that delivering our best to DBS customers takes men and women who give us their best every day. To that end, Human Resource philosophies and policies are an integral part of our business strategies, practised in every country where DBS has a presence. We pay special attention to managing people as our most important resource and an important stakeholder. The officers and staff of DBS are the critical channel for expressing our brand to customers and prospects alike.

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Human Resources Committees
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The Human Resources Committees serve as regular forums to communicate and implement policies, processes and other activities across the entire DBS organisation, from top to bottom. They also facilitate the identification and intra-company transfer of best practices. The Human Resources cluster comprises three committees: 

  • Recruitment, Training and Resource Development Committee 
    Oversees all activities that impact hiring talent, entry level and mid-career training. 
  • Performance Measurement, Compensation, Appraisal and Career Development Committee
    Coordinates performance evaluation processes, establishes benchmarks for competitive compensation, human resource allocation, executive career development and succession planning. 
  • Management Development, Executive Compensation and Succession Committee 
    Oversees and recommends policies relating to senior management compensation and succession. This is a Board-level committee composed of independent directors.