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  As a year of building capabilities, 2001 exemplifies the Banks single-minded, cohesive efforts to restructure retail, corporate and treasury businesses around a needs-based customer-oriented model shaped by lifestyle segments. This has delivered relationship advantages, marketing advantages and business advantages.

The Great Customer Experience
Delivering service, advice and product quality that exceed customer expectations has proven to be the single most effective route to becoming the customers trusted financial and business partner. The Great Customer Experience?initiative launched in 2000 has developed DBS into a bank that customers are turning to for relevant and innovative solutions.

At DBS, we believe that we must migrate to a customer-oriented approach in order to add value and compete effectively.

We understand our customer completely, not merely in the realm of financial needs. We research lifestyles, social and economic trends, gender balances, demographic shifts and investment patterns. With the understanding that arises from this wealth of information, we are able to segment markets effectively, map out customer life cycles and provide value propositions enhanced by convenience and accessibility. In short, our customer-centric approach enables us to anticipate and effectively meet our customers?needs and aspirations.

This One-on-One Marketing?has directed and strengthened our initiatives to develop our products and services, build our infrastructure platform and expand our geographic presence. Three tactical areas have been fundamental to our efforts:

•  Clear customer segmentation. We have enhanced both the POSB and DBS brands under the Two-Brands, One-Bank concept.
•  Concerted investments in database marketing and Customer Relationship Management systems to help us understand and serve our customers better.
•  Quality products and services, enhanced by world-class partnerships through alliances and mergers. Noteworthy progress has been achieved in the area of Wealth Management.


“Our customers are at the heart of our vision to be the Best Bank in Asia. We are creating a solid franchise based on transparency and the ability to balance risk and return. We are building best-in-class operations across the region to consistently deliver a great customer experience.”
Philippe Paillart,
Chief Executive Officer
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