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Are you keen to get a head start in your data science career?

Are you passionate about data and enjoy solving business problems using advanced analytics?




Jumpstart your data science career when you join the DBS Data Science Internship (DSI) programme – a 12-week structured internship programme with an award-winning data science team in the World’s Best Bank.

As a Data Science Intern, you will get to apply what you have learnt in real life applications through working on key projects, while building strong foundational skills required in data science and analytics. The knowledge and skills gained through the DSI programme will prepare you for a data science career in DBS. This programme also offers an opportunity to secure a spot in our graduate Programme – the DBS Analytics Capability Enhancement (ACE) Programme.



Applicant & Application Period

We’re looking for motivated students: ​

  1. We’re looking for aspiring data scientists who:
    • Are pursuing a degree in a related discipline, for e.g. Data Science, Analytics and Computing
    • Can intern between May to August 2023 for a minimum of 12 weeks
    • Possess good understanding of data structure, algorithms and programming skills
    • Have working knowledge of SQL, Python and machine learning
    • Possess good software engineering skills
  2. We’re also looking for data scientists who are pursuing a postgraduate degree in a related discipline for e.g. Data Science, Analytics and Computing. They should:
    • Be able to intern for a minimum of 12 weeks
    • Possess good understanding of data structure, algorithms and have good programming skills
    • Have knowledge of Python & Big data technologies such as Spark and Hadoop
    • Be familiar with machine learning models such as logistic regression, decision tree and other classification models
    • Be familiar with machine learning concepts such as cross-validation, model hyperparameter tuning, and model evaluation and testing
    • Possess good software engineering skills (preferred)
    • Be a self-motivated team player who enjoys working in a fast-paced environment
    • Be adaptable, creative, decisive, resilient and demonstrate good interpersonal and communication skills

The application window for Data Science Internship 2023 is now closed.


Application Process

Apply online and interact with JIM! Our very own AI recruiter. Complete all online assessments: Coding Challenge, Cognitive & Behavioural Assessments


Attend an interview


Successful candidates will receive an offer to join the Data Science Internship (DSI) programme


The Data Science Internship (DSI) Undergrad programme will commence in May 2023

The Data Science Internship (DSI) Postgrad programme will commence depending on the individual’s indicated internship period

We regret that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted. Interviews will be conducted till the end of March

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