Our promise to you: Live more, Bank Less

When we celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2018, we said that we wanted to help you “Live More, Bank Less”. Because at DBS, we believe that banking should be simple and effortless, so that you can spend more time with the people and things that you care about.

This promise is still something that we hold on to, even amidst a different world — one that has changed irretrievably in the wake of a global pandemic. Through good and tough times, we want to be the constant that helps you live more, live better, and bank a little less.


Defying the status quo, while staying true to our purpose

So we set out to innovate and serve you better by defying the status quo — breaking boundaries, reimagining banking, refusing to be bounded by conventional notions of what a bank should be.  

We started our digital transformation journey back in 2014 and was never one to shy away from emerging technologies. We believe that by inculcating a startup culture in the organisation, a spirt of innovation and entrepreneurship will flourish. And it has indeed, spawned many products and solutions that are now seamlessly woven into our customers’ everyday lives.

We have also been championing stakeholder capitalism way before it was fashionable. From banking the underserved communities, supporting social enterprises to prioritising action on climate change, we have always been guided by our responsibility towards society and the planet. After all, we were borne of a sense of purpose since our inception as the Development Bank of Singapore more than 50 years ago.


To be a bank for the times, we have to be a different kind of bank

With Covid-19 upending economies and societies, now more than ever, we must anticipate and lead change. Here at DBS, we are always pushing boundaries, thinking and acting less like a traditional bank, but more like a startup, more like a business partner, more like a friend. We like to think of ourselves as a tech company offering financial services. We believe that is how we become a bank for the times — for a different kind of world calls for a different kind of bank.

So here we are, World’s Best Bank, five years and counting. And we’ve no intention of ever stopping — for you, for our community, and for the world.

Thank you. Your feedback will help us serve you better.

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