How We Measure Ourselves

DBS’ Balanced Scorecard

The scorecard is divided into two parts of equal weighting. Specific objectives for each part are updated every year and approved by the Board. Specific key performance indicators (KPIs) are in place to track the progress made in serving the interests of shareholders, customers and employees. KPIs relating to regulators and society are embedded in our scorecard and cut across all aspects of our operations. As we operate in a regulated industry, upholding regulatory requirements is paramount and underlies all our decisions and actions. We recognise the importance of serving society at large and are committed to giving back to the community.

The top part of the scorecard comprises KPIs set for the current year. Shareholder metrics measure the financial results achieved and include income growth, expense-related ratios and return on equity. We measure risk-related KPIs to ensure that the Group’s income growth is balanced against the level of risk taken. Control and compliance KPIs are also a focus in this section. Customer metrics measure the Group’s achievement in increasing customer wallet share and satisfaction. Employee KPIs, such as employee engagement, training, mobility and turnover, seek to measure the progress we have made in being an employer of choice.

The bottom part of the scorecard sets out the initiatives we intend to complete in the current year as part of our longer-term journey towards achieving our strategic objectives. Specific KPIs and targets are set for our nine priorities and other areas of focus. Our ability to meet the current-year targets in the first part is dependent on successfully executing the second part in preceding years.

Balanced Scorecard Approach
Traditional KPIs 50%

Achieve sustainable growth

  • Income growth
  • Manage expenses
  • Returns
  • Portfolio risk
  • Controls and compliance

Position DBS as Bank of Choice

  • Increase wallet share
  • Customer satisfaction

Position DBS as Employer of Choice

  • Employee engagement
  • People development
Strategic priorities 50%
  • Entrench leadership in Singapore
  • Reposition Hong Kong
  • Rebalance geographic mix of our business
Regional businesses
  • Build a leading Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Banking business
  • Strengthen wealth proposition
  • Build out transaction banking and treasury customer businesses
  • Place customers at the heart of the banking experience
  • Focus on management processes, people and culture
  • Strengthen technology and infrastructure platform
Other areas of focus
  • Scale up institutional investor and western MNC businesses
  • Build a leading Asian fixed income business
  • Leverage innovation to extend customer reach and offer differentiated client experience
  • Champion social entrepreneurship in Singapore and across Asia
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