Jerry Chen
  • Jerry Chen
  • 陈亮丞
  • General Manager and Head
  • DBS Taiwan

Mr Jerry Chen joined DBS on 16 July 2008 as the General Manager and Head of DBS Taiwan.

He obtained his MBA from Taiwan’s National Chiao Tung University in 1976. Jerry joined Citibank in 1978, for nearly 26 years and had held a wide range of positions with Citibank Taiwan. He was a Senior Credit Officer and had managed the Credit Department, Structured Finance Group and Corporate Banking Group. He established strong and formidable financial institution and global transaction services for Citibank in this period.

Jerry left Citibank in June 2004, and joined Ta Chong Bank as President because of his professional outstanding performance. Jerry significantly increased Ta Chong Bank’s market position and completed a significant recapitalization program by inviting Carlyle Group to invest NT$21.5 billion.

Jerry has widespread banking experience, which includes Corporate Banking, Consumer Banking and Treasury business.

He is well known in the local community and banking circles, and maintains good relationships with the banking supervision department.