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撥打「客服專線」登錄:請撥打本行客服專線 0800-808 858,由專人服務進行登錄。


使用「星展網路銀行」登錄:以您現有之帳號及密碼登入「星展網路銀行」,於「帳戶申請」功能中之「註冊SMS OTP」欄位中登錄您的基本資料,請務必正確填入未來接收密碼簡訊之行動電話號碼。



本系統預計於2010年第四季正式上線,若有任何疑問,請隨時與我們聯絡!或洽本行客服專線 0800-808 858。此外,若您的個人基本資料或聯絡方式有任何變更,亦請親臨原開戶行進行相關變更程序,以保障您的權益,再次謝謝您的支持與配合!

i-Banking Customers to Register Mobile Number for Security Enhancement

As part of our continuous effort to improve your experience with us, DBS Taiwan will upgrade our internet banking system in the last quarter of this year. For the new system, we will be implementing the two step verification process to make internet banking more secure for you. In addition to your existing password, you will be required to input a second set of one-time password, which the Bank will send to you simultaneously via Short Message Service (SMS) to your mobile phone, whenever you log in. In order to receive the one-time password SMS, you will have to register your mobile phone number with the Bank. From now to September 30, 2010, you can register via the following channels:

How to register your mobile number:

1) Mobile number registration via Customer Service Hotline: Please call our Customer Service Hotline at 0800-808-858 to register.

2) Mobile number registration via DBS Branch: Please visit any one of our DBS branches to register.

3) Mobile number registration via DBS iBanking: First, please use your existing user ID and password to log onto DBS Internet Banking. Click on “Account Application” and select “Register SMS OTP” to register. Please ensure that you input your mobile phone number accurately to obtain the one-time-password via SMS.

While you register your mobile number, we also suggest that you register your email address at the same time so that you can receive the latest information from us on a timely basis.

A reminder to Investment Trust Customers:
The new system will include a function which will help to match a customer’s risk tolerance level with the investment product’s risk profile. Your risk appetite, as reflected in the Financial Needs Analysis that was conducted through our branch, is valid for one year only. To safeguard your interests and to ensure that you enjoy easy access to the investment products on our new Internet Banking platform, please visit your designated branch to update your FNA if it was last conducted a year ago.

The new system is scheduled to launch in the last quarter of this year. Should you have further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 0800-808-858. Lastly, if there are any changes to your personal particulars, such as your mailing address or contact details, please visit your designated branch to update it. Thank you.



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