Management Associate Programme

This 2-year leadership programme offers the brightest and most promising candidates the opportunity to fast-track their careers and develop the fundamental skills to prepare them for the future of banking.

As a Management Associate, you will be given extensive learning and development opportunities. Cross-franchise rotations will give you exposure to different businesses and develop a breadth of knowledge.

Besides on-the-job training and mentorship, you will embark on an accelerated learning programme designed to sharpen your technical and personal effectiveness with business know-how. We will also create opportunities for you to interact with senior management and fellow management associates in the region to build your professional network.

Top MAs will have an opportunity for overseas rotations.

Over a course of 24 months, you will have the opportunity to gain exposure to different business areas within the bank under a rigorous and holistic programme.

    The programme structure prepares you to go higher in Asia with:
  • Six weeks of Campus Training
  • Three 7-month stints across different business areas
  • An overseas stint for the Top MA of the cohort

For more information on the areas that Management Associates may be exposed to, please refer to our DBS Business Areas.

Graduate Associate Programme – Technology and Operations

For those with a passion for generating ideas, this 2-year programme offers you the opportunity to specialise in the technology and operations businesses, and develop expertise that will prepare you to drive innovation in the banking industry.

As a Graduate Associate, you will undergo rigorous training to build banking and finance, project management and personal development skills to be an effective people manager. Specifically designed job rotations will give you a deeper understanding into the different functions across the technology and operations businesses. We will also provide mentorship and networking opportunities with Senior Management that will broaden your horizons and sharpen your innovative edge.

The structured learning programme entails:

  • Six weeks of Campus Training
  • Two 11-month stints across different areas in Technology and Operations

Graduate Associate Programme – Retail Banking (Management)

The Retail Banking (Management) Programme is for degree holders. Designed to build a pipeline of future leaders for the sales and service tracks of the retail banking business, staff who perform well can fast-track their careers to take on management roles as Branch Business Banking Managers or Branch Service Managers at the end of the programme. The programme comprises in-depth training on product sales, customer service, processes, systems as well as compliance regulations. Staff will also be mentored throughout the programme.

Graduate Associate Programme – Retail Banking (Sales)

The Retail Banking (Sales) Programme is for degree holders, providing a fast-track development trajectory within the DBS wealth management continuum (DBS Treasures, DBS Treasures Private Client and DBS Private Bank). Combining classroom training sessions, departmental rotations and on-the-job training, the programme will equip staff with the relevant product sales, customer service expertise and client service skills, as well as required certifications, to eventually become Relationship Managers.

Graduate Associate Programme – Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME) Banking

The SME Banking Programme is for degree holders. Comprising intensive classroom training in core credit and financial knowledge, front-to-back rotations in different business areas as well as on-the-job training in the role of a SME Relationship Manager, the programme offers accelerated professional development and networking opportunities for those who wish to start careers in SME Banking. Staff will also be assigned individual mentors to provide guidance and support.

Other Programmes

Service Executive Programme

The Service Executive Programme is for Polytechnic diploma holders who come on board at branch level. The programme offers a structured training curriculum, followed by rotations in various job roles within the branch. As the bank believes that customers are at the centre of the banking experience, the programme focuses on familiarising staff with banking products offered in the branch, to equip them to better advise and serve branch customers.

Business Analytics Graduate Immersion Programme (BAGIP)

DBS, in partnership with Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), is now offering selected candidates the opportunity to join the Business Analytics Graduate Immersion Programme (BAGIP). This 12-month fast track programme has been created to identify and groom talent in the area of analytics, and offers a combination of foundation training and rotations across exciting projects.

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As a DBS Management Associate, I was able to work very closely with the management which is a rare opportunity for fresh graduates. The expectation for MAs to learn faster, work harder and perform better has also made working at DBS an enriching experience.