About the report

Building upon the insights from the first report released in January 2024, the second report in the ‘Women and Finance’ study offers valuable insights into the unique circumstances of women in the workforce, including their professional aspirations, habits, and the barriers they face. It delves into how factors like age, income, marital status, and location influence their preferences.

Central facts

Key insights derived from conversations with over 800 salaried and self-employed women across 10 cities in India

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of salaried women prioritise career advancement and salary while selecting a job

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of salaried women perceive a gender pay gap at their workplace

Long term
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of salaried women perceive gender bias at their workplace

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of salaried women face challenges while negotiating salaries

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of women have undergone comprehensive health check-ups in the past year

View from the top

Mr. Surojit ShomeMD and CEO, DBS Bank India
Mr. Surojit Shome

The insights from the DBS Women and Finance study will have implications for policymaking, the financial sector, and society at large. It will enable us to design products and services that better cater to the financial aspirations of women and break down barriers faced by them.

More importantly, it will allow us to participate in an important conversation on female financial empowerment and amplify perspectives that need to be heard.

Mr. Kishore PoduriMD, and Country Head - HR,
DBS Bank India
Kishore Poduri

Encouraging the active participation of women in the workforce is crucial for fostering their economic independence and ensuring autonomy in financial decision-making. Insights gleaned from the study can empower organisations to understand women's aspirations better and tailor strategies that align with their preferences.

This can lead to more fulfilling careers for women, enhancing their participation in the workforce and maximising their potential contributions.

Ms. Shoma Narayanan MD and Head – Group Strategic Marketing And Communications
DBS Bank India
Shoma Narayanan

Recognising the importance of assuming control over one's finances, especially for women, is a conversation worth having. This is particularly relevant in light of the persistent gender pay gap. The second report in our ‘Women and Finance study’ unveils insights around women's professional aspirations and touches upon some of these challenges.

As we navigate the complexities of the modern workplace, the report serves as a valuable resource for understanding the nuanced needs of women in the workforce.