Igniting Possibilities From Past to Future

As the bank that sparked Singapore’s development and growth, we continue to turn ideas into action, and bring possibilities and innovation to life. These are at the heart of who we are.

The Singapore Story

The bank will... have, in the long run, a very wide range of functions...
Mr Hon Sui Sen
Chairman of the Development Bank of Singapore, 1968 to 1970

1965. A nation was born. Singapore was an island with few resources. How was it going to survive? The answer lay in diversifying from entrepot trade; the strategy was to embark on industrialisation.

But the journey was fraught with challenges. The lack of financing was one such obstacle. The country needed funding to kickstart new industries and spur its existing ones.

The Development Bank of Singapore was hence incorporated in 1968. The bank, which would later be renamed DBS, set out to fuel industries, strengthen the city’s infrastructure and seal regional and international relationships. By the 1990s, the wheels were turning smoothly and Singapore emerged an Asian Tiger. In the city-state’s story of economic growth, DBS became its steadfast partner.

Going Places Across Asia

A single idea - to be a bank that supports Singapore’s economic growth – has kindled our journey. We now have a footprint across Asia. But home is where our heart is deeply entrenched.

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Our journey beyond Singapore began with the opening of our first overseas branch in Tokyo. Many more first branches in other core regional markets followed: Taiwan (1983), Hong Kong (1988), Indonesia (1989), China (1993) and India (1995).

Now, our global network spans across 17 markets with some 21,000 staff in more than 250 branches.

Yet, Singapore is, and will always be, our home. Today, from our new headquarters in Marina Bay, Singapore’s new financial downtown, we continue to re-imagine the future of banking in Asia - with our innovative suite of products and services, from ibanking, mobile banking to PayLah!, which offers mobile payment, and Home Connect, the app that helps property buyers make informed decisions.

For almost 50 years, as a trusted partner, we have been sparking possibilities across Asia. Each possibility creates more sparks that birth inspiration, joy and wonder. Everything in life starts with a spark. Where you take it can be amazing. The spark is in the Singapore story, the DBS story, and in each and everyone of us.

As the bank that sparked Singapore’s development, igniting possibilities is at the heart of who we are. We will be here for the next 50 years, and beyond.

Let's spark something together.

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