Online shopping is a boon amongst fashionistas. Unlike brick and mortar shops, their virtual counterpart is quick and convenient, allowing shoppers to source the most fashionable items anywhere in the world at anytime around the clock.

As a fashionista, pop diva Joey Yung is not just passionate about singing and acting, but also online shopping.

I like to shop online for clothes I wear for casual purposes. On one hand, they are more special, and on the other, it feels like untying a present that I have longed for.

Online shopping is filled with the desire of novelty. A full range of products are available on websites, satisfying different people’s wants like Doraemon’s pocket. For Joey, online shopping goes beyond material satisfaction and allows her to ignite new ideas with her friends!

I really enjoy exchanging online shopping insights with friends. Each website is different and everyone has their own favourites. When I’m free, we exchange ideas, and that’s a lot of fun for me!

Joey doesn’t just share her insights with friends, she also makes use of Facebook and other social media platforms to share her latest online shopping experiences with her fans. The joy brought by online shopping prompts Joey to shop beyond clothes. She now includes all kinds of lifestyle products in her basket.

The first thing I bought were books, like Taiwanese comics. In the past few years, I’ve shopped for clothes, accessories and shoes, and now food as well!

Online shopping has already become a routine for Joey, and she has no shortage of unforgettable experiences.

I remember at one time, I got a big pimple on my face. Gillian Chung, a young acquaintance of mine, recommended a cosmetic machine that tackled pimples in the US, which had to be bought online. I was afraid because online shopping was a fledgling industry at that time. I had to leave a US address that further delivered the product to Hong Kong. When I finally received it after some time, my pimple was gone!

DBS credit cards play a pivotal role in sparking Joey’s journey to online shopping, making it smarter and more convenient for her to go virtual.

As an online shopping veteran for 10 odd years, I shop about 3 to 4 times a month, from fashion items to fresh food products. DBS credit cards help me shop wisely and conveniently because there is international delivery. It’s so personal and simple!

In line with the growing trend of online shopping, DBS seizes every opportunity to provide credit cards that allow more convenient online shopping experiences with more promotions available. Like Joey, you will find it a true pleasure to shop online too.

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