Get to know more about the real-life stories behind your favourite SPARKS episodes, and get an insider’s behind-the-scenes peek at what goes into the making of SPARKS. Think you can handle the truth?

The back story of Episodes 1 – 3: Sunseap

Sunseap Leasing is now one of Singapore's largest clean energy provider, but in 2011, it was just another young start-up in a still-developing market. No one wanted to finance the untested company — until it approached DBS and met Tan Soh Leng and Catherine Tan, the DBS client relationship managers who went to bat for them.

Witness the difficulties they overcame together to bring clean energy to a new audience in Episode 2 of SPARKS, a mini-series by DBS.

The back story of Episode 6: Zaya

Discover the story of Zaya Learning Labs, a social enterprise offering affordable blended-learning technology for underserved communities. Find out how Zaya and the DBS Foundation worked together to champion their cause through Asia For Good. Watch how Zaya inspired Episode 6 of SPARKS, a mini-series by DBS.

The winner at the inaugural DBS-NUS Social Venture Challenge Asia, Zaya is also a grant awardee of the DBS Foundation Social Enterprise Grant programme.

Making of SPARKS

Find out what inspired DBS SPARKS and hear from the real people behind the true stories.

Meet the cast

Every episode inspired by a #truestory, SPARKS is a mini-series by DBS that follows a team of bankers as they navigate work and life. It's a smart and sassy portrayal of how the power of purpose and the right banking partner make life that much richer.

And there's more: check out what the cast have to say about the characters they play and how they believe in living more.

Music Video

"So Much More Than This" was composed by Eddie Chung and featured in Episode 5 of SPARKS. Performed by Tien Chong (@tienchonghk), the song traces the journey taken by Claire and Jasper, from the initial sparks that fly when they first meet to the complications they must weather when the boundaries between romance and work begin to blur.

Who’s got my back?

You've seen Team DBS stand by their clients when the going gets tough, but what happens when we put them to the test behind the scenes? Will they truly have each other's backs? Check out the video to find out!

Behind-the-scenes with Nathan Hartono and Jaime Teo

It was a blast from the past and so much more, as we went behind the scenes with our stars Jaime Teo and Nathan Hartono to learn more about their characters and the true stories that inspired their performances in Episode 7 of SPARKS.

SPARKS on candid camera

Fresh off the set of SPARKS: what went down during production as caught on camera by our insiders.