Harnessing the restorative power of meditation during the pandemic

By DBS, 30 June 2021

“I want to help people become mentally and emotionally resilient.” This vision drives social innovation team Void, which delivers corporate training and has developed a meditation app. Void was founded by Hercules, whose goal is to promote meditation as a way to protect people’s wellbeing during challenging periods, like the pandemic.

Void’s operations suffered under the pandemic, but help came from Yip Kwong Sang, Vice President and Team Manager of Digital Business Banking, Institutional Banking Group, DBS Bank (Hong Kong). “We aren’t just helping a company or a person,” says Sang. “Void’s work can benefit many people.”

Hercules, founder and course instructor of Void (L)
Yip Kwong Sang, Vice President and Team Manager, Digital Banking Business, Institutional Banking Group, DBS Bank (Hong Kong) (R)

“Meditation is an effective way to exercise the brain,” says Hercules. “Like jogging or swimming, it helps us relax and destress amid our busy schedules – to let go, experience our surroundings and look inside ourselves.” But the pandemic paralysed the company, leaving even the usually tranquil Hercules unsure of their future.

“We had to put our courses on hold, so we couldn’t cover costs. We were still developing our app at the time, which had locked up a considerable amount of capital. But if we gave up, our work would have been for nothing, and everyone would lose a space to meditate and refresh their souls,” says Hercules, recalling his worries. “So, I meditated on my options. In the end, I decided to apply for a DBS loan, having been their SME client since I became an entrepreneur in 2017.”

“We were glad Hercules reached out to us,” recalls Sang. “We’re here to help our clients find solutions.” Void had been seeing quarterly growth prior to the pandemic, proving the strength of their services. All they needed were funds to tackle the current situation. That was why Sang recommended the Special 100% Loan Guarantee under the government’s SME Financing Guarantee Scheme (SFGS) to Hercules.

Next step? To promote Void’s vision of helping people help themselves.

“It impressed me how Hercules knew what he needed the loan for, and his clear plans for using the money,” recalls Sang. “Some clients panic and lose that clarity. They apply for too much, making it harder to get approval.” To help Hercules focus on his business and staff, Sang offered to help handle the complicated paperwork.

Sang believes in Hercules and Void because their goals extend beyond profit. They want to help people find emotional and mental balance, which has proved crucial during the pandemic. The next step is helping Void gain traction in this mission.

In the face of challenges, Sang believes it is important not to delay seeking help.

“I hope everyone can learn to meditate and let go of their pandemic stress using the simple instructions in our Void app,” says Hercules. After all, what is there to lose? “There is always a solution – you just need to find it. If this experience with DBS has taught me anything, it is the power of determination.”

Life is a journey. Plan ahead while things are going smoothly, and try to stay positive when things go south. As both Hercules and Sang can attest to, meditation is a valuable tool for honing your patience, trust, focus and positive thinking.