Remit: Transfer money globally

Seamless and swift, our remittance services connect you and your loved ones no matter the distance – because borders shouldn’t mean boundaries.

Instant transfer to DBS India

Enjoy preferential rates, zero fees and same-day credit when you remit to India.

To start remitting, simply tap on "Overseas Transfer" on your SG digibank or iWealth app login page.

Zero fees

Send to DBS Remit locations including the US, Eurozone, Australia, China, Malaysia and more

Schedule your payments

Never miss a transfer when you set up a recurring overseas payment option

Remit to 20 locations

Choose from currencies such as USD, MYR, IDR, PHP, JPY, VND, INR, HKD, KRW, CAD and EUR

Real-time payment tracking

Keep track of your transfer status so that you know exactly where the funds are (available for 10+ destinations)

Invest: Connect to a world of opportunities

From traditional investment vehicles to innovative financial instruments, we provide a spread of solutions to help you construct a diversified and well-rounded portfolio.

Global equities

Build your equities portfolio in the simplest and most intuitive way. With stock details and investment tools at your fingertips, you’ll be able to make your moves with confidence. Tap the potential of global stock markets anytime, anywhere.

Foreign currencies

Seize global opportunities with our plate of solutions that simplify and safeguard your foreign currency transactions

Fixed Income

Fortify your portfolio with stable returns from our wide range of instruments

Unit trusts

Grow your wealth with confidence through a selection of professionally managed portfolios

Insure: Safeguard what truly matters

Prepare for the uncertainties of tomorrow – starting today.


Protect your legacy by securing your family's future

Personal accident

Shield yourself against life's unexpected twists


Focus on your well-being with peace of mind for medical expenses for hospitalisation and critical illness


Build both a future of possibilities and a financial safety net

The above is subject to individual market conditions. Our range of wealth solutions may not be available in your market.
Terms and conditions apply. Please contact us to find out more.