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By UNI.CORN Team 4 | Badai, Benny, Noreen and Timothy

What it's like being a UNI.CORN

June 6, 2016

The DBS UNI.CORN internship is like no other. In summary, it’s a structured programme where interns are helping DBS to tackle key challenges in banking. Each team is run like a startup and we are focused on gathering data to develop better insight on the challenges.


Despite it being a guided internship, we are accorded autonomy in how we make decisions and have the necessary discretion to tackle challenges presented to us. But accountability is also still important as we meet up with the teams and mentors we are attached to. Weekly meetings are scheduled for us to provide progress updates and share our insights on findings.


Overall, it’s been a fruitful experience so far as we’re provided a full suite of benefits (eg: access to mentors, industry experts, working spaces, tools etc) to solve real banking issues. The benefit of being able to be involved in business challenges raises the value of this internship.


In addition, we’re also highly involved with the startup world as the DBS Innovation Group has been getting us involved with its on-going Incubation programme, DBS HotSpot. This has provided us access to mentors from DBS and Startups as well as entrepreneurs who are all helping to sharpen our thinking.

Attending the launch of DBS HotSpot Pre-Accelerator Programme 2016

A day in the life of DBS UNI.CORN


For most students involved in internship programme, you’re often given mostly administrative roles. The structure of a typical internship may be limited to data entry, report writing or other housekeeping related task. Some people like that but if you don’t, you should read on ahead.


The life of DBS UNI.CORN is akin to working as entrepreneurs just like a start-up. Ambiguity is what we have to deal with every day. Though we may have a goal and structure to work with, we are encouraged to take chances and make mistakes.


The UNI.CORN programme is all about experimentation and meeting people. This is the crux of our everyday work as we need to validate and iterate all of our assumptions to sieve out valuable insights in an unbiased way. By doing so, we may find a way to break out of the convention or simply just to refine our next course of actions.


Our group comprised of four members and we work closely together to discover hidden insights from all of our stakeholders involved. We work independently supported by the resources provided by the DBS Innovation Group. With the co-working space, we have the freedom to either choose to work at the Marina Bay Financial Centre or the location situated opposite the parliament house depending on the scope of our work.

Listening in to presentations by the HotSpot Startup teams

All work no play makes a dull DBS UNI.CORN


Apart from working hard, miscellaneous programmes such as photoshoot sessions, content marketing and company launch invitations bond the interns of DBS UNI.CORN together. This brings fun to the work environment and connects interns together, fostering friendship closer among each other. In the course of our work, we infuse excitement into our everyday work.

Invitation to the launch of Cafebond at the Capitol Theatre

If you’re looking for an internship programme, I’d highly recommend applying to the DBS UNI.CORN next year (2017).





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