Terms and Conditions


Product Benefits and Terms
DBS Vantage Card

These Product Benefits and Terms and Conditions (the "Terms") apply to your usage of ‘DBS Vantage Credit Card’ (the “Credit Card”) issued by DBS Bank India Limited ("DBS Bank”) and are in addition to and not in derogation of the Cardmember Agreement as available on https://www.dbs.com/in/credit-cards/vantage/cardmember-agreement.html and Most Important Terms and Conditions governing the Credit Card facilities of DBS Bank India Limited (the "Credit Card Terms and Conditions"), as available on go.dbs.com/vantagetnc.

Product Benefits and Terms shall prevail over Cardmember Agreement to the extent of any conflict between the terms herein and the terms of the Cardmember Agreement.

By “Cardholder” or “Cardmember”, we mean “Primary Cardmember”, “Primary Cardholder”, “Member”, “Customer”, you, your, him, he, his, or similar pronouns shall mean the individual in whose name the Card has been issued and the Card Account is maintained.

By “anniversary year”, we mean period of 12 months from the date the Cardmember has been onboarded and subsequent years

By “calendar quarter”, we mean 3-month period ending in March, June, September and December of every year

By “Calendar year”, we mean one year period from 1st January to 31st December every year.


The Cardholder(s) shall be entitled to avail the following benefits:

  1. Joining Benefit:

    1. Welcome Bonus

      Cardholder(s) gets 10,000 Vantage Points worth Rs. 10,000 as welcome bonus on making their first transaction within 30 days from the date the Cardmember has been onboarded and on payment of joining fee. These points shall be credited to the respective card account in the subsequent statement.

    2. Hotel Membership Program

      Cardholder can choose one complimentary luxury Hotel membership from Hotels Taj Epicure/ITC Culinaire/Club Marriott.

      To avail the benefit, Cardholder needs to follow the below steps:

      1. Visit our DBS Rewards portal dbsdelights.in
      2. Login using mobile number and card number
      3. Hotel membership benefits are shown and one among the below can be selected:
        1. ITC
        2. Club Marriot
        3. Taj Epicure
      4. The welcome benefit can be unlocked by making a purchase transaction for Rs. 2
      5. Once the hotel membership is selected, the other 2 hotel memberships will be disabled for a period of 1 year
      6. Membership details can be seen in the order history.

      Hotel Membership option once chosen will be valid for a period of 1 year from the date of membership booking. Cardholder may choose a different option at the time of renewal. Membership Program will not be auto renewed.

      • DBS Bank makes no warranty or representation towards the quality, service, type, use, suitability, delivery, merchantability or otherwise of the services offered under this benefit on PoshVine Platform and shall not entertain any dispute regarding the same.
      • DBS Bank is not the seller or provider of the services under this offer. DBS Bank shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever for any loss/ damage/ claim that may arise out of use or otherwise of the services availed of by the Cardholder under this Offer.
      • All Terms & Conditions as prescribed for the membership by the respective merchant is applicable
      • The fulfilment of the Hotel Membership is managed by Viverati Interactive Ltd. which is an empaneled partner with DBS Bank for Loyalty Program Management.
      • For any queries or concerns on Hotel Membership benefit, cardholder may reach out to our dedicated number 1800 843 7889
      • To know more on the Terms & Conditions of Hotel Memberships, please visit here

      Please note:

      Welcome benefit will be applicable to Cardholder making first purchase transaction within 30 days from the date the Cardmember has been onboarded and on payment of joining fee. Spends are calculated basis the transaction date captured on credit card account. Transaction date captured on credit card account is basis the transaction date submitted by the Merchant Establishment/Card Association (e.g. Visa, MasterCard, RuPay, etc.). DBS Bank will not be held responsible if Merchant Establishment submits the transaction date as different from the actual date when the transaction was done. Welcome benefit is applicable only once per card

  2. Assured Vantage Points

    Vantage Points are the reward points awarded under reward scheme of DBS Bank for the Credit Card.

    Cardholder(s) shall earn 4 Vantage Points for every INR 200 spent on domestic purchases and 8 vantage points on every Rs. 200 spent on international purchases excluding Singapore transactions. For all Singapore transactions, you will earn 4 Vantage points for every Rs.200 spent. All Vantage points will be rounded off to multiples of 200  to calculate the final points. E.g. If the Cardholder spends Rs. 560 on an eligible domestic transaction, he/she will earn 8 Vantage Points. Vantage Points earned against purchases made on the Credit Card shall reflect in the Cardmember's card account on settlement of the transaction to the Cardmember’s card account.

    The following spends shall not earn Vantage points:

    1. Spends made on merchants falling under the following categories like Fuel, Wallet Load, Duty Free stores, Rent
    2. Spends across any merchant categories if converted into EMI will not be eligible
    3. Any Balance transfer done to DBS Vantage card account will not be eligible
    4. Cash advance including but not limited to such other transaction which may be considered as cash advance(s) in the sole discretion of DBS Bank.
    5. Service charge or interest levied for non-payment or part payment of the amount due on the Credit Card.
    6. Any fees/charges (e.g. annual fees, joining fees, late payment charges, etc.) in relation to and/or connected with the Credit Card.
  3. 10% Cashback at Duty Free Stores

    The Cardholder(s) is eligible for 10% cashback on all spends at Duty Free Stores at Domestic & International Airports. The cashback amount is capped at Rs. 1500 per month per card account. This is calculated basis the settlement amount and Customer will be able to see cashback earned in the subsequent month’s billing statement. The transactions eligible for cashback in the statement cycle shall be tracked on basis of the settlement date of the transaction(s).

  4. Special Vantages (milestone benefits)

    Cardmember is eligible to earn bonus Vantage points on achieving spend milestones in stipulated time as mentioned below:

    5000 Vantage Points on spends above Rs. 3,00,000 in a calendar quarter (OR)

    10,000 Vantage Points on spends above Rs. 5,00,000 in a calendar quarter (OR)

    40,000 Vantage Points on spends above Rs. 20,00,000 in a calendar year

    Cardmember will qualify for bonus Vantage points when the Cardholder crosses predefined qualifying retail spends threshold. Transactions that have been subsequently reversed will not be considered towards benefit calculation. One customer will be eligible only once per calendar quarter for each milestone benefit as defined above and the total points earned for yearly spends will be adjusted with quarterly milestones earned for any residual amount. Cumulative bonus points earned in a calendar year are capped at 40,000 Vantage Points. Qualifying spends towards milestone benefit calculation every quarter/year starts when the Customer joins the DBS Vantage Credit Cards Program. This will be considered for the period starting from the date the Cardmember has been onboarded till the end of the calendar quarter/ calendar year for an individual card and will be calculated in the subsequent quarters in the calendar year.

    E.g. If Customer has been issued Credit Card in the month of February 2023, then calendar quarter for this Customer ends on 31st March 2023. Spends between this period will be considered while calculating the milestone spends.

    Customer shall be eligible for bonus Vantage Points on reaching milestones on all spends including Fuel, Wallet Load, Duty Free stores, Rent, cash withdrawals, EMI conversions .

    Balance Transfer amount shall not be calculated for milestone spends.

  5. Fuel Surcharge Waiver

    1% Fuel Surcharge waiver on all fuel spends between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 6000 capped at Rs. 200 per month. The Fuel transaction surcharge are indicative only. These surcharges are levied by the acquirer (merchant’s bank providing terminal / payment gateway) and actual surcharge might vary across different acquirers. Maximum fuel surcharge waiver shall be Rs. 200 per statement cycle.

    Transactions made on fuel purchases will not qualify to earn Vantage points.

  6. Unlimited Domestic & International Lounge access

    The Credit Card offers access to unlimited Domestic & International Airport lounge access round the year. Complimentary lounge access is applicable for Primary Cardholder only. Any guest accompanying the Primary holder will have to pay a lounge visit fee per visit which would automatically be charged to the Primary Cardholder per visit per guest. Admittance to the lounges is conditional upon presentation of a valid Credit Card only.

    DBS Bank has partnered with “LoungeKey” to provide best in class services for Lounge access. Apart from this Credit Card, no additional card is required to be carried for this access across the globe.

  7. Travel benefits

    Cardholder(s) get a special Forex privilege on international spends. We offer 0% FX markup for spends in Singapore & 1.75% markup for international spends elsewhere. These charges will be billed on your subsequent statement within 60 days from date of transaction settlement . Currency conversion rate is applicable as on the date of settlement.

  8. Complimentary Golf Sessions

    Cardholder is eligible for 4 Complimentary Golf sessions in a calendar year (one per calendar quarter) with DBS Vantage Credit Card.

    This offer is applicable for Primary Card holder only. This benefit entitles Cardholder to enjoy complimentary golf rounds/lessons that are specially hosted for them.

    Cardholder to make enquiries & bookings through www.dbsdelights.in on the portal. No access will be granted without prior bookings.

    This golf program is not a Golf Club membership and does not purport to be a Golf Club membership and the benefits under this golf program are not to be regarded as a Golf Club membership at any time.

    Cardholders may enjoy specially hosted complimentary rounds of golf / golf lessons in accordance with the detailed Terms & Conditions on Golf Program which Cardholder can visit here

  9. 24/7 DBS Concierge Services

    Cardholders get access to extraordinary experiences with curated range of services exclusively. The offers and benefits include the following:

    • Seamless reservations for dining with exclusive offers and privileges
    • Health and medical services
    • Entertainment and experiences
    • Recommendations on staycations, local and global activities
    • Gift and shopping assistance
    • Other special services like business, home and roadside assistance
    • The concierge is accessible via multiple channels such as a call center number, Web portal chat, email and a Whatsapp (or similar digital channels) in different countries
    • Concierge Service number – 0008 00442 0011, Email id - [email protected]

    To know more about our concierge services, cardholders can register on.

  10. Card Joining and Annual Fees

    Joining and Annual fees are applicable as per the table below. The charges mentioned in the table below are exclusive of taxes. Annual fee will be levied at the beginning of the membership year starting Year 2 onwards. Cardmember spending Rs. 10,00,000 or above in the previous year is eligible for annual fee waiver i.e. Annual fee shall not be levied if the spends criteria is met by the Cardmember in the previous year. For anniversary spends, 12 -month period from the date the Cardmember has been onboarded will be considered.

    On payment of annual fees, Cardholder is eligible for bonus of 10,000 Vantage points (if the spends criteria is not met for Annual fee waiver)

    Customer Segment

    Joining fees*

    Annual Fees*

    DBS non Treasures customers

    Rs. 50,000

    Rs. 50,000

    DBS Elite customers

    Rs. 10,000 (getting a benefit of Rs.40K)

    Rs.10,000 (getting a benefit of Rs.40K)

    DBS Treasures customers

    Rs. 20,000 (getting a benefit of Rs.30K)

    Rs.20,000 (getting a benefit of Rs.30K)

    *GST as applicable on fees and charges shall be additional

  11. Vantage point redemption

    Vantage Points can be redeemed by downloading and logging in through DBS Cards+ IN App or by visiting www.dbsdelights.in Rewards portal

    For details on Rewards Redemption or Terms & Conditions, please visit

  12. Other Terms and Conditions

    1. Vantage Points are valid only for 2 years from the date of accrual. e.g.: - if you have received Vantage Points in the month of May 2020, then the same will expire on 31st May 2022.
    2. Value of 1 Vantage point = Rs. 1 when redeemed via DBS delights platform
    3. The definition of categories (like Fuel, Duty Free stores, Rent etc.) defined from time to time shall have the same meaning as ascribed to the categories by Visa under their respective Merchant Category Codes. The franchisees have listed qualifying criteria for Merchant Establishments to qualify to be listed under a specified category. MCC Codes applicable for the above categories are listed below:

      Fuel – 5983, 5542, 5541, 5172

      Wallet load – 6540

      Duty Free stores – 5309

      Rent – 6513

      Any further additions/deletions in the list of codes will be updated on timely basis.

    4. If a Cardholder is having outstanding negative Vantage Point Balance at the time of voluntary closure, then the equivalent value of such negative Vantage points will be automatically converted to statement debit and is required to be paid by the Cardholder along with any other dues. Reverse debit will be calculated at Rs.1 per Card Point.
    5. The Points do not constitute property of the Cardholder and are not transferable by operation of law or otherwise to any other person or entity.
    6. Reward point redemption will be restricted if a Cardmember has made NIL payment beyond 5 days from payment due date.
    7. Reward point balance will be forfeited if a Cardmember has made NIL payment beyond 30 days from payment due date.
    8. In case of transaction reversal, Vantage Points credited (Normal/accelerated) will be reversed.
    9. Vantage points will not be adjusted against outstanding balance.
    10. Vantage Points earned will be restricted only up to the credit limit allocated to Cardmember. No Points will be credited for overlimit usage.
    11. All Credit Card features and benefits, as applicable, will be available once the Cardmember has been onboarded.
    12. Vantage points accrual is subject to change with a 30-day prior notice.