Interest Rates

Protect your business against interest rate volatility.

Interest Rates

Protect your business against interest rate volatility.

At a glance

As a leading player in Asia’s interest rates markets, our highly customised structures help you Identify and hedge against interest rate volatility, while simultaneously managing your liability and working to enhance your yield.

Cross-currency swaps

Cross-currency swaps allow you to hedge both currency and interest rates risk conveniently in one transaction.  We currently offer cross-currency swaps for deliverable and non-deliverable currencies across a range of tenors and specifications.


Cross-currency swaps can be customised to address both currency and interest rates risks


Competitive pricing

Benefit from our market leader position and extensive network

Leverage our expertise

Identify and hedge against market volatility with our dedicated corporate advisory team


Certainty amid volatility

Manage market volatility by fixing currency exchange rates and interest rates; allowing business decisions to be made with more certainty


Take advantage of market dynamics

Take advantage of cross-currency and interest rates dynamics. This may be especially useful for cross border transactions

Interest rate swaps / caps

With Interest Rate Swaps / Caps / Floors/ Swaptions, we can help you manage the interest expense you pay on your loans. We can offer the relevant instrument to enable you to better hedge interest exposures across a range of scenarios.

Interest rate certainty

Better manage loan costs with certainty of interest rates


Customise your cash flows

Have your interest costs tailored to your business development

Better management

Manage interest costs on a portfolio basis

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