Electronic Banking

IDEAL™ eReports

Receive reports, alerts and advices at your fingertips

Manage your cash flow and monitor your company finances with DBS’ subscription-based IDEALTM eReports. You can receive up-to-date real-time information on your remittance transactions (MT103, RTGS and NEFT), and hence better focus on building your business.


Why choose DBS IDEAL™ eReports?

  • Receive notifications immediately upon completion of transactions
  • Eliminate the hassle of having to call the Bank to enquire on your transaction status
  • Choose from two convenient notification mechanisms (Email or SMS)
  • Customise the threshold amount for more relevant advice notification
  • Safeguard your banking information and ensure the integrity of the reports and alerts you receive. All email attachments are sent securely via AES-256 encryption

Product Details


Banking Reports That Suit Your Schedule

  • Schedule alerts at transaction level or consolidated report at regular intervals to be emailed to you at your convenience
  • Choose a minimum amount threshold from a comprehensive range of reports, which can sent on a flexible schedule
  • Select alert type and mode at a user level depending on your need


Real-time Alerts for Key Banking Activities

  • Flexible choice of alert delivery modes including email, SMS
  • Receive alerts for important banking activities for your remittance transaction and transaction routed through the virtual account offering.


Secure Email Attachments

  • File attachments secured with AES-256 encryption


SoftwareMinimum Requirement

File decryption

7-Zip version 4.50 (more info)

WinZip version 9.0 (more info)

WinRAR version 3.8 (more info)

PDF attachment viewing

Adobe Acrobat Reader (more info)


  1. If you are an:
    1. Existing DBS Corporate Banking customer and would like to sign up for IDEAL™ eReports
    2. Existing IDEAL™ eReports customer who wishes to add, update or remove users


    Download and complete the eReports Form.


  2. If you are an existing IDEAL™ eReports user, please ensure you have the following software.


    For File Decryption:




    For PDF Attachment viewing:



How will I receive notifications through IDEALTM eReports?

Typically, you will receive eReport notifications through email and SMS

Who can sign up for IDEAL™ eReports?

Any customer who has a Business Account with DBS can sign up for IDEALeReports.

What is the expected turnaround time to set up IDEAL™ eReports?

Once we’ve received your completed registration form, we will set up your IDEALeReports within five business days.

What is the password to open the secured attachment?

Once you have successfully registered for IDEAL eReports, we will send you a welcome email containing a default password to open the secured attachment.

Who should I contact if I have a problem or enquiry regarding DBS IDEAL™ eReports?

If you have any questions or experience any problems with IDEAL eReports, please email us at ibgservices@dbs.com  or call our corporate hotline at +91 22 6752 8468. Operating hours are 9.00am to 6.00pm.

How do I learn more?

For more information, email us at contactideal@dbs.com or get in touch with your Relationship Manager.


How do I apply?

If you are not currently a DBS Corporate Banking customer, you have to apply for a Business Account before you can sign up for DBS IDEAL™ eReports. Please use this Account Opening Form to apply for both.

If you are already a DBS Corporate Banking customer, simply download and complete our eReports Form.

Get In Touch

DBS BusinessCare: 1800 419 9500

Get In Touch

DBS BusinessCare: 1800 419 9500