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For investors looking for potential capital appreciation over a reasonable time horizon.


Schroder Global Sharia Equity Fund (USD)

Schroder Global Sharia Equity Fund (USD)In order to complement the variety of equity mutual funds in USD, PT Bank DBS Indonesia (“DBSI”) would like to offer Schroder Global Sharia Equity Fund (USD)

Equity Funds

Equity FundsA type of mutual fund with high risk but possibly high returns fund that provides a return through investment with composition in equity ≥ 80% of the total portfolio . The funds aims to provide unitholders with medium to long-term capital growth.

Balanced Funds

Balanced FundsA mutual fund with moderate risk that gives attractive returns on growth and income through a combination of bonds and equities.

Ashmore Dana Ekuitas Nusantara

Ashmore Dana Ekuitas NusantaraAshmore Dana Ekuitas Nusantara aims to obtain long-term capital gains through investments in equity securities that have been sold in the public offering and / or traded in the Indonesian Stock Exchange.