How we used technology for a social cause - stating my personal SE 50 experience
By Mohit Kapoor - Head, DBS Asia Hub 2

As a young nation strove to forge its path in the 1960s, a small group of people took up the unique responsibility of financing Singapore's fledgling industries and growing the new ones. From launching industries finance scheme & helping Singapore Airlines go global, we have pioneered great stories and lived 50 golden years.


DBS has a long history of supporting SMEs across Asia and has been a strong advocate of entrepreneurship and innovation. At the core of our corporate citizenry efforts is our support for social entrepreneurship across Asia. As DBS turns 50, we decided to celebrate the spirit of 50 Social Entrepreneurs across Asia who have a different approach to business and bring in social impact, to make this world a better place, for you and me. I find myself lucky to volunteer & support one of these social enterprises - Rovnost.


I was highly impressed with Dr. Anirudh Gaurang, founder of Rovnost, when he explained the cause and founding stones of their social enterprise. Due to lack of medical centers and doctors in remote villages of India, people have to travel miles & spend much to avail qualified medical assistance. Sometimes, it's gets too late while at other times their effort goes futile due to less severity of the cause. Rovnost was smartly bridging this gap with the help of technology by remotely connecting the doctors with patients, to enable tele medicine.

However, Dr Anirudh and his tech team, shared with us that their app was facing major challenges. The app had security issues due to which it got hacked repeatedly. It lacked seamless functionality and wasn't available across platforms; nor did it have a video calling facility to connect patients with doctors. Lack of record maintenance was impacting their performance. Dr Anirudh shared with us, that the above challenges were limiting their business as well as purpose. After talking in detail with the Rovnost team, I and my team decided to map their problem with our strength-technology!


I take immense pride in saying that DAH2 team gave their best to come up with a re-imagined app with enhanced features and improved performance. A group of developers and quality analysts used latest technology stack, design thinking principles, and UX concepts to build a safe and joyful customer experience for Rovnost. The team also engaged directly with the end users to understand their requirements and draw metrics to better dwell into their journey. We worked in sprints, ideating and designing, and I personally took part in many of them.


Finally, the team hosted the new app on Cloud & also connected them to our cloud providers to ensure continued infrastructure. We spent some of the most purposeful time building this app for Rovnost. We aimed at better and seamless interface to support inbuilt record maintenance that would enable the doctors to keep all necessary medical history of the patient.

We were thrilled when Dr Anirudh shared his experience stating, "Two major features stood out for me - one is the video calling which will allow doctors to & patients to connect and see each other; the other is record maintenance which will foster better medical consultation. The new app will enable penetration into many more remote villagers of India."

This is our small step into the wide ecosystem of so many social enterprises who are bringing the positive change. I am thankful to my team at DAH2 who invested quality time, including their weekends under the guidance of Ravindra Prasad, to create something that has such strong impact & purpose. Truly honoured to be a part DBS SE 50 program and hoping to meet many such social entrepreneurs who we can support in future.

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