People Of Purpose – Strengthening Force For Good

Cultivating digitally inspired minds

The enthusiastic team of engineers designed a curriculum to ensure that the students get an enriching digital experience at DAH2. While they learned facts about wildlife and the solar system, the volunteers ensured that the students could have hands-on experience of working on laptops and exploring their creative abilities using Microsoft Office.

Interactive science sessions

Many interesting subjects were chosen by the educators for the digital classroom, such as bottlenose dolphins, polar bears, octopus and various species of frogs in the wildlife category. Students also learned interesting facts about the solar system, peculiar stars and various galaxies. These visually appealing subjects left the students in awe. These less known facts spurred the inquisitiveness amongst the students and made them ask several questions.

Adoption of new skills

After taking a sneak peek into the technology that we use today, the young minds were stirred by a wave of possibilities. The digital lifestyle motivated them to know more & learn more. At the end of the session, the students prepared a presentation about what they had learnt in the digital classroom. They tried their hands at Microsoft Office to develop creative artifacts of their learning.

A Day Made Purposeful

These students not only spent a day full of creative learning but also got a chance to take a tour of our super cool Hyderabad facility & interact with our joyful engineers!

The teachers who accompanied the students carried back positive experiences. In their words, “It was a unique experience for the students as it is very rare that the students get education using such high end digital means. Giving them an actual experience of working from such cool workplaces will surely spark inspiration in them.”

Sparking inspiration

These purposeful steps taken to use digital for good will shape the future of the community. The People of Purpose community at DBS will continue to support the under privileged students by building digital classrooms available for their learning. This digital endeavour doesn’t stop here. This purposeful digital journey will continue to evolve and keep adding more subjects and sessions around computer science, mathematics and science to its scope.

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