Modern Age Workforce Enabled
By A Modern Age Workplace – The DAH2 Story

DBS Asia Hub 2,

located at Waverock Hyderabad has become engineers' retreat — in little time. If you ever plan to visit us, make sure you have your camera in place because we are sure you would click selfies before the Hummer or groupfies before the famous cinema wall. One of its kind in the most delightful ways, the place never fails to amaze anyone including our family and friends who join us on weekends! And, we truly love that. When one of our interns described it as a perfect weekend hangout, we felt quite satiated because that's what we want our employees to feel - at home. And, why not? Our employees can work out of the living room, or spend a day at the social workspace.

If you are a scientist,
we have the digital garage for you.

The garage is home to ideas, workshops and innovation. Don't be surprised if you stare up to find the Newton's apple but find a racing car hanging up the ceiling instead. We just want to inspire you to think bigger than what you just thought! Because that's core to our values and digital transformation journey.

If you are the travelling kind, well then this one's for you

– live life out of a backpack when you are at DAH2. Begin your expedition as you move across London Eye or head towards the Gateway of India. Get off road, and you may end up sitting at the Singapore Flyer or walking down the Orchard street. Let's not kill all the surprise by stating more. Visit us but make sure to carry your passport! <well, we love kidding around >

Did you think that's all? Hold your horses and relax. If you were not spellbound by above, we have more in place. Are you mad about relaxation and exploration? We do have something for you - it's the Mumbai train where some of our most favourite employees sit and innovate.

We feel that best of ideas are created and
implemented by minds that are free to explore.

We believe that big things often happen in small bits so we value every idea & effort from every corner of our super cool office. On your techtrek at DAH2, you will surely come across our scrum rooms and agile workstations where our engineers are shaping the future of banking in the most interesting ways! Stop over and have a chat with them at the tea stall or while you relax on the bubble couch. If you meet our employees working out of the spark sleeping pods, feel free to interact and ask them about how their everyday matters.

Our leaders sit just there – next to us!

The only walls we appreciate here are the cybersecurity ones. So, you could just walk by the leaders and share a suggestion or two. On you way, you may come across our Xbox stations or Ping Pong zone, stay alert someone might have just made a new record. E! we spell it and everything else we call it, when we want to describe the excitement, fun, laughter and happiness around the floors of DBS.

If you see the cycling workstations empty, just challenge anyone out there at the DAH2 floors and let the adrenalin rush begin. Fitness is what inspires us more than anything else and we make sure our employees engage with us often. On Fridays, we have yoga and other fitness activities so adjust your itinerary and don't miss the charm. On that note, did we just tell you that our added yoga and gym reimbursement benefits are the hot table topics these days?

On Fridays, we have yoga and other fitness activities so
adjust your itinerary and don’t miss the charm.

We love our employees' choices,
interests and talent.

And we are on constant lookout of great talent who can join us in reimagining banking. We promise to offer hospitality, the famous Hyderabadi biryani and our time to you. Come, try us!

DBS Asia Hub 2 Private Limited

15th Floor, Tower 2.1,
TSI Waverock IT/ITES SEZ, Nanakramguda, Gachibowli, Serilingampally Mandal, Ranga Reddy
District, Hyderabad, Telangana – 500 008
Contact us for more information & support –
Telephone number - +91 4067522279
CIN: U72300TG2015FTC102358