Making banking invisible

We are focused on reimagining the customer journey so that banking is embedded in the lives of our customers. When banking is simple, seamless and hassle-free, it is virtually invisible!

Building ecosystem partnerships

To “disappear” from our customers’ lives, we forged a slew of partnerships in both the consumer and institutional banking space.


Zipping customers around Singapore with Southeast Asia's leading tech player

Our customers who use GOJEK in Singapore get access to exclusive promotional codes when using DBS/ POSB credit and debit cards to pay for their rides.

Halcyon Agri’s HeveaConnect

Creating efficiencies in the global rubber ecosystem

Buying, selling and financing trades in the rubber industry will be simplified. Buyers and sellers will be able to tap into DBS’ financial solutions to facilitate their trades in a fair and transparent manner.


Serving up transparency from farm to table

With DBS having launched an end-to-end cross-border blockchain trade platform, farmers, logistics companies and banks are now able to track, trade and finance their commodities shipments online, in real-time.

China Capital Logistic

Zooming ahead with a blockchain trade platform for the automotive industry

Drivers around the world will soon be able to get behind the wheels of their new cars even faster as DBS has partnered with one of China’s largest automotive logistics companies, China Capital Logistic, and leading blockchain provider, Wanxiang Blockchain, to launch an automotive blockchain platform connecting car manufacturers, exporters, logistics carriers and car dealerships.

Home Credit Indonesia

Getting loans approved faster

Through a partnership with Home Credit Indonesia, we automated our know-your-client and risk processes on our digibank Indonesia app. This means that our customers can get their home loans approved in just a few minutes.

Simplifying e-payments


With the QR code becoming a bigger fixture in our daily lives, DBS MAX — Singapore’s first mobile-based QR payment collection solution — allows SMEs to receive payments from their customers and vendors instantly. Improved cashflow for SMEs means more business and less worries!

Foodster — getting you to your morning coffee fix faster

DBS teamed up with Foodster, Southeast Asia’s first bank-led retail chatbot, so that our customers can place their orders for a morning cuppa while on their way to work or on-the-go. Our first foray into chat commerce was so that we could embed ourselves in our customers’ daily routines, making banking simpler, faster and more effortless.

Mandiri e-Toll

Vehicular toll payments in Indonesia are now 100% electronic. To provide convenience to our customers, digibank users in Indonesia are now able to top up their e-toll balances through our Pay & Buy feature anytime, anywhere.

Creating marketplaces

Car, property and electricity marketplaces

Whoever thought banks would sell cars or homes online? That is what we did with the launch of our car, property and electricity online marketplaces. Our marketplaces enable customers to attend to their daily needs on-the-go, no matter where they are.


Being a purpose-driven bank

Being purpose-driven is core to how we run our business.