The pace of change that is upon us is extremely daunting. The world which we live, work and bank in today is continuously changing. Consumers today are far more demanding, our ability to access information and make choices has changed dramatically, and new technologies are revolutionising our way of life. In a highly-wired Asia, we have made innovation a large part of our agenda, and we have sought to be at the forefront of the digital revolution.


Developments across Asia Pacific in recent years have seen the adoption of technology to enhance the customer experience. At DBS, our emphasis has always been on driving innovation to deliver greater productivity and customer efficiencies. This will continue to be a key strategic focus as we entrench our position as a leading Asian bank.

In 2013, DBS pioneered the launch of a fully automated online account opening service for companies in Singapore. With this service, the time taken to open a corporate account has been significantly reduced.

With DBS Remit, we are the only bank in Singapore to offer same-day online transfers to banks in India and Indonesia. DBS IDEAL™ 3.0, our enhanced regional corporate Internet banking platform, makes online banking for our corporate customers faster and simpler.


At DBS, we are committed to putting the customer at the heart of the banking experience. That includes making banking interactive and intuitive. DBS’ flagship branch at our headquarters in Marina Bay Financial Centre was designed with the customer in mind. In the past year, we also continued to enhance our mobile apps and wealth website so that customers can bank easily with us while they are on the move, or in the comfort of their own homes.

Excerpt from “For the Service Edge, Think Like A Designer” published in TODAY newspaper on 19 February 2014;

“From entering its pod-like lobby at the Marina Bay Financial Centre, which looked like a cross between a five-star-hotel reception and a spaceship, I was mesmerised. Could this really be a bank?”

“How often, particularly in a business-to-business context, and in a bank for that matter, do you walk away thinking and feeling that you have had a beyond-great customer experience? That’s service innovation – across every conceivable touchpoint and customer interaction, down to the smallest detail.”

– Natalie Turner,
Founder and CEO of The Entheo Network,
a leadership innovation consultancy

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Technology has transformed the way we think about banking. As customer interaction shifts from physical branches to the online and mobile space, banks need to develop new ways of engaging customers. The engagement goes beyond products and services to relationships and insights.

Harnessing analytics and big data is key to building this engagement. DBS has been using voice analytics at our customer call centre to improve customer satisfaction. Customer touchpoints such as ATMs, that were merely output channels previously, are now a customer sensor point for us, delivering real-time information that we can use to form a better picture of our customers and their needs. We are tapping on IBM Watson to assist our wealth relationship managers to analyse large volumes of data, so as to provide better quality insights to our customers.

We are also helping customers benefit from useful analysis and insights. For example, the DBS Home Connect mobile app offers them property information and other useful data on the go.

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