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Prices updated as of 24/07/2014 12:00:04
ABERDEEN AMERICAN OPPTIES1.0038001.00380021/07/2014
ABERDEEN CHINA OPP FUND2.8703002.87030021/07/2014
ABERDEEN EURO OPPORTUNITIES1.3555001.35550021/07/2014
ABERDEEN GLOBAL OPP FUND1.0792001.07920021/07/2014
ABERDEEN GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY FND0.5837000.58370021/07/2014
ABERDEEN INDONESIA EQTY (US$)5.7500005.75000021/07/2014
ABERDEEN INDONESIAN EQTY (S$)6.1882006.18820021/07/2014
ABERDEEN JAPAN EQUITY1.0640001.06400021/07/2014
ABERDEEN MALAYSIAN EQUITY4.9358004.93580021/07/2014
ABERDEEN PACIFIC EQTY (S$)5.1831005.18310021/07/2014
ABERDEEN PACIFIC EQUITY FD US$3.2900003.29000021/07/2014
ABERDEEN SINGAPORE EQUITY5.0796005.07960021/07/2014
ABERDEEN THAILAND EQTY (S$)10.58660010.58660021/07/2014
ABERDEEN THAILAND EQTY (US$)4.8400004.84000021/07/2014
ALLIANCEBERNSTEIN (SINGAPORE) LTD.Bid PriceOffer PriceValuation Date as at
AB GLOBAL GROWTH TRENDS S$69.45000069.45000021/07/2014
AB INTL HEALTHCARE-CL AS$282.800000282.80000021/07/2014
AB-GLB HI YLD A2 EUR-H ACC22.43000022.43000021/07/2014
AB-GLB HI YLD A2 USD ACC13.78000013.78000021/07/2014
AB-GLB HI YLD AT AUD-H MDIS16.81000016.81000021/07/2014
AB-GLB HI YLD AT GBP-H MDIS16.73000016.73000021/07/2014
AB-GLB HI YLD AT SGD-H MDIS15.07000015.07000021/07/2014
ALLIANZ GLOBAL INVESTORSBid PriceOffer PriceValuation Date as at
ALLIANZ GBL HIGH PAYOUT FD S$0.5150000.51500021/07/2014
ALLIANZ GBL HIGH PAYOUT FD US$0.6770000.67700021/07/2014
ALLIANZGIBid PriceOffer PriceValuation Date as at
ALLIANZ US EQUITY FUND SGD15.08000015.08000021/07/2014
ALLIANZ US EQUITY FUND USD14.17000014.17000021/07/2014
BARCLAYS BANK PLCBid PriceOffer PriceValuation Date as at
ASIAN REAL ESTATE INCOME FUND0.3762000.37620015/07/2014
BARCLAYS ASIA EQUITY DIVIDEND0.3098000.30980018/07/2014
BARCLAYS INV LEGENDS FD SGD0.8747000.87470018/07/2014
BARCLAYS INV LEGENDS FD USD86.60000086.60000018/07/2014
BARCLAYS RMB BOND FUND CNH - A1.0523001.05230018/07/2014
BARCLAYS RMB BOND FUND SGD - C1.1042001.10420018/07/2014
BARCLAYS RMB BOND FUND USD - B1.0978001.09780018/07/2014
ENTERTAINMENT SELECT INCOME FD0.3404000.34040018/07/2014
GLOBAL AGRICULTURE DELTA FUND0.5920000.59200018/07/2014
BLACKROCKBid PriceOffer PriceValuation Date as at
BGF EUR EQTY INC FD A6 SGD-H10.55000010.55000021/07/2014
BGF EUR EQTY INC FD A6 USD-H10.55000010.55000021/07/2014
BGF EUR EQTY INC FD A8 AUD-H10.58000010.58000021/07/2014
BGF EURO EQTY INCOME FD A5 EUR13.30000013.30000021/07/2014
BGF GLB EQTY INC FD AUD-H MDIS11.01000011.01000021/07/2014
BGF GLB EQTY INC FD SGD-H MDIS10.96000010.96000021/07/2014
BGF GLOBAL EQTY INCOME A2 USD14.65000014.65000021/07/2014
BGF GLOBAL EQTY INCOME A5 SGDH12.53000012.53000021/07/2014
BGF WORLD ENERGY FUND A2 USD27.49000027.49000021/07/2014
BGF WORLD ENERGY FUND HA2 SGD8.0900008.09000021/07/2014
BGF WORLD GOLD FUND A2 USD33.08000033.08000021/07/2014
BGF WORLD GOLD FUND HA2 SGD6.0400006.04000021/07/2014
BGF WORLD MINING FUND A2 USD48.99000048.99000021/07/2014
BGF WORLD MINING FUND HA2 SGD4.7800004.78000021/07/2014
BGF-GLB ALLOCATION FD A2 AUD-H14.77000014.77000021/07/2014
BGF-GLB ALLOCATION FD A2 EUR-H35.00000035.00000021/07/2014
BGF-GLB ALLOCATION FD A2 SGD-H12.21000012.21000021/07/2014
BGF-GLB ALLOCATION FD A2 USD50.89000050.89000021/07/2014
DEUTSCHE ASSET MANAGEMENT (ASIA) LIMITEDBid PriceOffer PriceValuation Date as at
DWS AGRIBUSINESS US$155.050000155.05000021/07/2014
DWS ASIA PREMIER TRUST2.4332002.43320021/07/2014
DWS CHINA EQTY FD CLASS A SGD2.6682002.66820021/07/2014
DWS CHINA EQTY FD CLASS A USD2.1509002.15090021/07/2014
DWS GLOBAL AGRIBUSINESS S$1.0774001.07740021/07/2014
DWS GLOBAL THEMES EQUITY S$0.9032000.90320021/07/2014
DWS GLOBAL THEMES EQUITY US$0.7281000.72810021/07/2014
DWS INVEST TOP DIVIDEND A2146.790000146.79000021/07/2014
DWS INVEST TOP DIVIDEND S2H(P)13.12000013.12000018/07/2014
DWS LION BOND FUND CLASS A SGD1.6197001.61970011/12/2013
DWS LION BOND FUND CLASS A USD1.2936001.29360011/12/2013
DEUTSCHE BANK GROUPBid PriceOffer PriceValuation Date as at
DB PLATINUM COMM USD (SGD-H)5.2000005.20000021/07/2014
DB PLATINUM COMMODITY USD6.0600006.06000021/07/2014
FIDELITY WORLDWIDE INVESTMENTBid PriceOffer PriceValuation Date as at
FF EMERGING MARKETS FD A-SGD1.1410001.14100021/07/2014
FF EMERGING MARKETS FD A-USD24.20000024.20000021/07/2014
FF GLB MUL-ASST INC A ACC USD10.93000010.93000021/07/2014
FF GLB MUL-ASST INC A-QINC S$1.0320001.03200021/07/2014
FF-ASIAN HIGH YIELD A RMB(H)104.600000104.60000009/05/2013
FF-TAIWAN FUND (A USD)11.54000011.54000021/07/2014
FIDELITY AMERICA FD A-AUD (H)12.58000012.58000021/07/2014
FIDELITY AMERICA FD A-SGD(H)1.5410001.54100021/07/2014
FIDELITY AMERICA FUND A-SGD1.3640001.36400021/07/2014
FIDELITY AMERICA FUND A-USD8.3200008.32000021/07/2014
FIDELITY INDIA FOCUS FUND S$0.8940000.89400021/07/2014
FIDELITY INDIA FOCUS FUND US$35.07000035.07000021/07/2014
FIDELITY SE ASIA FUND S$1.4650001.46500021/07/2014
FIDELITY SE ASIA FUND US$7.3770007.37700021/07/2014
FIL ASIAN HIGH YIELD AMD-S$(H)0.9200000.92000021/07/2014
FIL ASIAN HIGH YIELD AMD-US$8.5550008.55500021/07/2014
FIRST STATE INVESTMENTS (SINGAPORE)Bid PriceOffer PriceValuation Date as at
FIRST STATE BRIDGE FUND1.5130001.51300021/07/2014
FIRST STATE DIV ADVANTAGE SGD1.4815001.48150021/07/2014
FIRST STATE DIV ADVANTAGE USD1.1943001.19430021/07/2014
FIRST STATE GLB RESOURCES SGD1.1638001.16380021/07/2014
FIRST STATE GLB RESOURCES USD0.9382000.93820021/07/2014
FIRST STATE GLOBAL BALANCED0.8264000.82640021/07/2014
FIRST STATE REGIONAL CHINA-S$2.5619002.56190021/07/2014
FIRST STATE REGIONAL CHINA-US$2.0652002.06520021/07/2014
FIRST STATE REGIONAL INDIA-S$4.5963004.59630021/07/2014
FIRST STATE REGIONAL INDIA-US$3.7052003.70520021/07/2014
FIRST STATE SINGAPORE GROWTH3.4281003.42810021/07/2014
FS ASIA INNOVATION FUND0.9013000.90130021/07/2014
FS ASIAN GROWTH FUND2.1192002.11920021/07/2014
FS WORLDWIDE LEADERS FUND1.2199001.21990021/07/2014
FULLERTON SGD INCOME FD CLASSA1.0829601.08296021/07/2014
FULLERTON SGD INCOME FD CLASSB1.0498001.04980021/07/2014
FULLERTON TOTAL RETURN FD SGD0.9853700.98537021/07/2014
FULLERTON TOTAL RETURN FD USD1.0004201.00042021/07/2014
FULLERTON FUND MGT BNPBid PriceOffer PriceValuation Date as at
FUL ASIAN SHORT DUR BD S$H DIS10.35750010.35750021/07/2014
FUL ASIAN SHORT DUR BD US$ ACC10.42850010.42850021/07/2014
FULLERTON ASN SM CP EQTY FDSGD12.38700012.38700021/07/2014
FULLERTON ASN SM CP EQTY FDUSD14.46600014.46600021/07/2014
HENDERSON GLOBAL INVESTORS (S) LTDBid PriceOffer PriceValuation Date as at
HENDERSON ASIA-PAC PROP EQ FD0.8400000.84000021/07/2014
HENDERSON EURO PROPERTY SECU2.3300002.33000021/07/2014
HENDERSON EUROPEAN FUND0.9800000.98000021/07/2014
HENDERSON GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY2.0300002.03000021/07/2014
HENDERSON PACIFIC DRAGON FUND1.9800001.98000021/07/2014
JPMORGAN ASSET MANAGEMENTBid PriceOffer PriceValuation Date as at
JPM ASIA PAC INC FD SGD H12.26000012.26000021/07/2014
JPM ASIA PAC INC FD USD118.640000118.64000021/07/2014
LEGG MASON ASSET MANAGEMENT (S) PTE LTDBid PriceOffer PriceValuation Date as at
LEGG MASON WA S.E.A SPEC SITS2.3670002.36700021/07/2014
LEGG MASON ASSET MGT (S) PTE LTD - OFFSBid PriceOffer PriceValuation Date as at
LM CLEARBRIDGE VALUE FD S$0.6920000.69200021/07/2014
LM CLEARBRIDGE VALUE FD US$89.82000089.82000021/07/2014
LM R US S CAP OPP FD A SGD1.3310001.33100021/07/2014
LM R US S CAP OPP FD A SGD-H1.4610001.46100021/07/2014
LM R US S CAP OPP FD A USD146.300000146.30000021/07/2014
LM R US S.CAP OPP FD A AUD-H121.060000121.06000021/07/2014
LMWA ASIAN OPPS A SGD-H PLUS1.0070001.00700021/07/2014
LMWA ASIAN OPPS FD A MDIS USD109.870000109.87000021/07/2014
TRIGGER EXPRESS GTD FD S$10.00000010.00000015/07/2014
NIKKO ASSET MANAGEMENT ASIA LIMITEDBid PriceOffer PriceValuation Date as at
DBS ASIA ASSET ALLOCATOR FDSGD0.9760000.97600021/07/2014
DBS ASIA ASSET ALLOCATOR FDUSD0.7870000.78700021/07/2014
EIGHT PORTFOLIO A1.2690001.26900021/07/2014
EIGHT PORTFOLIO B1.2310001.23100021/07/2014
EIGHT PORTFOLIO C1.2450001.24500021/07/2014
EIGHT PORTFOLIO D1.1690001.16900021/07/2014
EIGHT PORTFOLIO E1.1330001.13300021/07/2014
HORIZON ASIA EX JAP S$1.8800001.88000021/07/2014
HORIZON ASIA EX JAP US$1.5160001.51600021/07/2014
HORIZON EUR EQTY S$1.3680001.36800021/07/2014
HORIZON EUR EQTY US$1.1030001.10300021/07/2014
HORIZON GLB BD S$-H1.4420001.44200021/07/2014
HORIZON SG FIX IN EN S$1.3790001.37900021/07/2014
HORIZON SG FIX IN EN US$1.1120001.11200021/07/2014
HORIZON US EQTY S$0.8690000.86900021/07/2014
HORIZON US EQTY US$0.7010000.70100021/07/2014
MYHOME FUND - HOMEBALANCED1.1690001.16900021/07/2014
MYHOME FUND - HOMEGROWTH1.2340001.23400021/07/2014
MYHOME FUND - HOMESTEADY1.1010001.10100021/07/2014
NAM GBL DIV EQTY FD - USD ACC0.9160000.91600021/07/2014
NAM GBL DIV EQTY FD- SGD H ACC1.1640001.16400021/07/2014
NAM GLB DIV EQTY FD CNH(H) DIS10.25300010.25300021/07/2014
NAM GLB DIV EQTY FD SGD(H) DIS1.0680001.06800021/07/2014
NAM JAPAN DIV EQTY FUND SGD-H1.0500001.05000018/07/2014
NAM JAPAN DIV EQTY FUND USD H1.0560001.05600018/07/2014
NAM SHENTON ASIA BD A S$0.8500000.85000021/07/2014
NAM SHENTON ASIA BD A US$0.6850000.68500021/07/2014
NAM SHENTON ASIA BD B S$0.8750000.87500021/07/2014
NAM SHENTON ASIA BD B US$0.7050000.70500021/07/2014
NAM SHENTON ASIA DIV EQ (DNM)1.3940001.39400021/07/2014
NAM SHENTON ASIA DIV EQ (SR)1.3940001.39400021/07/2014
NAM SHENTON ASIA PAC (DNM)1.1300001.13000021/07/2014
NAM SHENTON ASIA PAC (SR)1.1300001.13000021/07/2014
NAM SHENTON GLB OPPS (DNM)0.9420000.94200021/07/2014
NAM SHENTON GLB OPPS (SR)0.9420000.94200021/07/2014
NAM SHENTON GLB PROP SEC S$0.8030000.80300021/07/2014
NAM SHENTON GLB PROP SEC US$0.6470000.64700021/07/2014
NAM SHENTON GREATER CHI (DNM)1.3520001.35200021/07/2014
NAM SHENTON GREATER CHI (SR)1.3520001.35200021/07/2014
NAM SHENTON INCOME S$ (DNM)1.3400001.34000021/07/2014
NAM SHENTON INCOME S$ (SR)1.3400001.34000021/07/2014
NAM SHENTON INCOME US$1.0800001.08000021/07/2014
NAM SHENTON JAPAN (DNM)0.9070000.90700018/07/2014
NAM SHENTON JAPAN (SR)0.9070000.90700018/07/2014
NAM SHENTON SHORT TERM BD (SR)1.3840501.38405021/07/2014
NAM SHENTON SHORT TRM BD (DNM)1.3840501.38405021/07/2014
NAM SHENTON THRIFT (DNM)1.9820001.98200021/07/2014
NAM SHENTON THRIFT (SR)1.9820001.98200021/07/2014
NAM SHENTON TWIN CITY (DNM)2.2760002.27600021/07/2014
NAM SHENTON TWIN CITY (SR)2.2760002.27600021/07/2014
NAM SHTN EM ENTPR DISCVRY (SR)2.0140002.01400021/07/2014
NAM SHTN EM ENTPR DISCVRY(DNM)2.0140002.01400021/07/2014
NAM SHTN WLD BK GN BD (SR)0.9780000.97800021/07/2014
NAM SHTN WLD BK GN BD FD (DNM)0.9780000.97800021/07/2014
POSB INVESTSTEADY FUND0.7830000.78300021/07/2014
SINGAPORE DIV EQTY S$1.6240001.62400021/07/2014
SINGAPORE DIV EQTY US$1.3090001.30900021/07/2014
NIKKO STI ETF3.3400003.34000018/07/2014
SCHRODER INV MGT (S) LTD - OFFSHOREBid PriceOffer PriceValuation Date as at
SAS GOLD & PRECIOUS METALS S$H8.6700008.67000021/07/2014
SAS GOLD & PRECIOUS METALS US$8.1000008.10000021/07/2014
SCH ISF ASIAN BD AB RT US$-DIS6.3000006.30000021/07/2014
SCHR AS COMMODITY FD A ACC S$H7.9600007.96000021/07/2014
SCHR AS COMMODITY FD A ACC US$117.660000117.66000021/07/2014
SCHR ASIAN ASSET INC RMBH DIS103.100000103.10000021/07/2014
SCHR ISF ASIAN ETY YLD US$-DIS18.59000018.59000021/07/2014
SCHR ISF EM DEBT AB RTN S$-H7.7300007.73000021/07/2014
SCHR ISF EM DEBT AB RTN US$11.06000011.06000021/07/2014
SCHR ISF EMERGING MKTS US$ DIS12.79000012.79000021/07/2014
SCHR ISF GBL EMERG MKT OPP S$12.17000012.17000021/07/2014
SCHR ISF GBL EMERG MKT OPP US$14.89000014.89000021/07/2014
SCHR ISF JAP EQ ALP ACC(A)-USD11.42000011.42000018/07/2014
SCHR ISF MIDDLE EAST FD S$10.74000010.74000021/07/2014
SCHR ISF MIDDLE EAST FD US$14.06000014.06000021/07/2014
SCHR ISF STRATEGIC BD DIS-US$101.750000101.75000021/07/2014
SCHRODER ISF BRIC A ACC (USD)195.030000195.03000021/07/2014
SCHRODER ISF CHINA OPPS (USD)253.010000253.01000021/07/2014
SCHRODER ISF CHINA OPPS(SGD-H)7.8300007.83000021/07/2014
SISF ASIAN TOTAL RET SGD A DIS12.27000012.27000021/07/2014
SISF ASIAN TOTAL RET USD A ACC201.670000201.67000021/07/2014
SISF GLB MUL-ASST INC A USDDIS106.920000106.92000021/07/2014
SISF GLB MUL-ASST INC AUDH DIS101.110000101.11000021/07/2014
SISF GLB MUL-ASST INC EURH ACC118.370000118.37000021/07/2014
SISF GLB MUL-ASST INC GBPH DIS112.910000112.91000021/07/2014
SISF GLB MUL-ASST INC RMBH DIS751.820000751.82000021/07/2014
SISF GLB MUL-ASST INC SGD ACC133.560000133.56000021/07/2014
SISF GLB MUL-ASST INC SGDH DIS124.220000124.22000021/07/2014
SCHRODER INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT (S) LTDBid PriceOffer PriceValuation Date as at
SCHR ASIAN EQTY YIELD CLASS A1.0570001.05700021/07/2014
SCHR ASIAN INC AUD HGD CLASS1.0370001.03700021/07/2014
SCHR ASIAN INCOME SGD CLASS1.1490001.14900021/07/2014
SCHR ASIAN INV GRADE CR CL A0.8930000.89300021/07/2014
SCHR ASIAN INV GRADE CR RMB-H9.8690009.86900021/07/2014
SCHR GBL EQTY STBILISER S$ DIS1.0030001.00300021/07/2014
SCHR MULTI-ASSET REVOLUTION1.2570001.25700021/07/2014
SCHRODER ASIAN BOND S$0.6480000.64800021/07/2014
SCHRODER ASIAN GROWTH FD S$2.7380002.73800021/07/2014
SCHRODER ASIAN GROWTH FD US$3.0640003.06400021/07/2014
SCHRODER ASIAN TOTAL RTN FD S$1.2360001.23600021/07/2014
SCHRODER BRIC FUND (SGD)1.1520001.15200021/07/2014
SCHRODER CHINA OPPS FUND (SGD)1.0020001.00200021/07/2014
SCHRODER EMERGING MARKETS S$1.4650001.46500021/07/2014
SCHRODER EUROPN EQTY ALPHA FD1.1850001.18500021/07/2014
SCHRODER GLB EM MKT OPPS FD S$0.8600000.86000021/07/2014
SCHRODER LIVESURE 2025 FUND0.7381000.73810014/07/2014
SCHRODER SINGAPORE TRUST FD1.5710001.57100021/07/2014
SCHRODER STRATEGIC BOND FD S$0.9340000.93400021/07/2014
TEMPLETON ASSET MANAGEMENT LTDBid PriceOffer PriceValuation Date as at
FRANKLIN US OPP FD EUR8.2300008.23000021/07/2014
FRANKLIN US OPP FD EUR-H7.7500007.75000021/07/2014
FTIF-ASIAN GROWTH A(ACC) SGD8.8000008.80000021/07/2014
FTIF-ASIAN GROWTH A(ACC) USD37.38000037.38000021/07/2014
FTIF-BIOTECH DISCOVERY FUND22.10000022.10000021/07/2014
FTIF-EUROPEAN FUND SGD7.9500007.95000021/07/2014
FTIF-GBL BOND A(MDIS) SGD-H113.19000013.19000021/07/2014
FTIF-GLOBAL BALANCED FUND10.33000010.33000021/07/2014
FTIF-GLOBAL BOND A(MDIS) SGD11.53000011.53000021/07/2014
FTIF-GLOBAL BOND A(MDIS) USD21.49000021.49000021/07/2014
FTIF-GLOBAL EQUITY INCOME SGD6.7300006.73000021/07/2014
FTIF-GLOBAL FUND9.3900009.39000021/07/2014
FTIF-HIGH YIELD A(MDIS)SGD-H19.1600009.16000021/07/2014
FTIF-INCOME FD A(MDIS) USD13.41000013.41000021/07/2014
FTIF-INCOME FD A(MDIS)SGD-H19.5800009.58000021/07/2014
FTIF-KOREA FUND6.4400006.44000021/07/2014
FTIF-MUTUAL BEACON FUND10.52000010.52000021/07/2014
FTIF-US OPP A (ACC) FUND S$-H116.96000016.96000021/07/2014
FTIF-US OPP A(ACC) FUND S$12.25000012.25000021/07/2014
FTIF-US OPP A(ACC) FUND US$11.11000011.11000021/07/2014
TEMP ASIAN GRTH A(ACC) RMB-H1126.030000126.03000021/07/2014
TEMP EM BALANCED A(QDIS) S$-H8.5200008.52000021/07/2014
TEMP EM BALANCED A(QDIS) US$8.6800008.68000021/07/2014
TEMP GLB BOND A(MDIS) RMB-H1110.990000110.99000021/07/2014
TEMP GLB BOND FD A(MDIS) AUD-H12.03000012.03000021/07/2014
TEMP GLB BOND FD A(MDIS) GBP12.61000012.61000021/07/2014
TEMP GLB BOND FD A(MDIS)GBP-H111.01000011.01000021/07/2014
TEMP GLB BOND FUND EUR15.90000015.90000021/07/2014
TEMP GLB BOND FUND EUR-H113.82000013.82000021/07/2014
TEMP GLB T RTN FD A GBP10.85000010.85000021/07/2014
TEMP GLB T RTN FD A GBP-H19.1200009.12000021/07/2014
TEMP GLB TOT RE A(MDIS) RMB-H1111.780000111.78000021/07/2014
TEMP GLB TOT RET A(MDIS) S$-H112.07000012.07000021/07/2014
TEMP GLB TOTAL RET A(MDIS) S$11.62000011.62000021/07/2014
TEMP GLB TOTAL RET A(MDIS) US$18.45000018.45000021/07/2014
TEMP GLB TOTAL RTN FD EUR13.70000013.70000021/07/2014
TEMP GLB TOTAL RTN FD EUR-H111.86000011.86000021/07/2014
TEMP GLB TOTALRET A(MDIS)AUD-H12.26000012.26000021/07/2014
TEMP GLOBAL EQTY INC FD EUR13.35000013.35000021/07/2014
TEMPLETON CHINA FUND A(ACC) S$6.9600006.96000021/07/2014
TEMPLETON CHINA FUND A(ACC)US$22.78000022.78000021/07/2014
TEMPLETON EUROPEAN FUND EUR19.69000019.69000021/07/2014
TEMPLETON EUROPEAN FUND USD26.59000026.59000021/07/2014
TEMPLETON LATAM FD A(ACC) US$73.77000073.77000021/07/2014
TEMPLETON LATAM FUND A(ACC) S$7.4600007.46000021/07/2014
THREADNEEDLE INVESTMENTS (LON)Bid PriceOffer PriceValuation Date as at
THREADNEEDLE GB EQ INC FD SG-H2.1532002.15320021/07/2014
THREADNEEDLE GEI ACC EUR1.9354001.93540021/07/2014
THREADNEEDLE GEI ACC GBP1.5324001.53240021/07/2014
THREADNEEDLE GEI ACC US$2.6173002.61730021/07/2014
THREADNEEDLE INVESTMENTS (LUX)Bid PriceOffer PriceValuation Date as at
THREADNEEDLE GEM SHRT TRM S$H9.3100009.31000021/07/2014
THREADNEEDLE GEM SHRT TRM-US$16.18000016.18000021/07/2014
THREADNEEDLE PAN EURO EQ EUR49.52000049.52000021/07/2014
THREADNEEDLE PAN EURO EQ SGD-H13.29000013.29000021/07/2014
THREADNEEDLE PAN EURO EQ USD-H15.68000015.68000021/07/2014
TN DEV ASIA G&I FD SGD-H INC10.41000010.41000021/07/2014
TN DEV ASIA G&I FD USD ACC10.53000010.53000021/07/2014
UBS GLOBAL ASSET MANAGEMENT (S) LTDBid PriceOffer PriceValuation Date as at
UBS DYN ALPHA (USD) P-ACC125.340000125.34000021/07/2014
UBS DYN ALPHA (USD)-S$H P-ACC104.750000104.75000021/07/2014
UBS EQUITY CHINA OPP P - SGD126.240000126.24000021/07/2014
UBS EQUITY CHINA OPP P - USD771.960000771.96000021/07/2014
UBS EUR HI YLD P MDIS AUD-H104.010000104.01000021/07/2014
UBS EUR HI YLD P MDIS SGD-H101.040000101.04000021/07/2014
UBS EUR HI YLD P MDIS USD-H102.580000102.58000021/07/2014
UBS EUR HI YLD P MDIS-EUR147.900000147.90000021/07/2014
UBS EUROPE G&I EUR P MDIST100.410000100.41000021/07/2014
UBS EUROPE G&I SGD-H P MDIST100.340000100.34000021/07/2014
UBS EUROPE G&I USD-H P MDIST100.340000100.34000021/07/2014
UBS(LUX)EQ ASIAN CONSUMPTIONS$146.770000146.77000021/07/2014
UBS(LUX)EQ ASIANCONSUMPTIONUS$113.740000113.74000021/07/2014

Important notice.
Please refer to the prospectus (available at DBS/POSB branches) for dealing frequency and other fund details.

The information provided herein is for information and general circulation only and does not have regard to specific investment objectives, financial situation and the particular needs of any specific person. Investors may wish to seek advice from a financial adviser before making a commitment to purchase the product. In the event investor chooses not to do so, he should consider carefully whether the product is suitable for him. This should not be considered as an offer, or solicitation to deal in any of the unit trusts/products mentioned herein. The prices shown here are indicative only and are subject to change without prior notice.DBS Bank Ltd accepts no liability for any loss whatsoever arising from any use of or reliance on the information provided herein.

The past performance of the unit trusts is not necessarily indicative of its future performance. Investments in unit trusts carry risks, including the possible loss of the principal amount invested. The value of the units and income from them, if any, may rise or fall. Investors should read the relevant prospectus, available at DBS or POSB branches, before investing. All applications for units in the unit trusts must be made on the applications forms accompanying the prospectus or otherwise as described in the prospectus.

Rates information is also available toll free on 1800-111 1111.

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