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Sparking a Green Mindset

As we pursue our sustainability agenda, we recognise that our employees play an important role in the green movement. Our efforts are focused on staff awareness and engagement, to adopt a green mindset at work, as well as in their everyday lives.

Earth Hour across the region

Every year, we are part of Earth Hour – the worldwide movement organised by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). On top of observing the hour with office lighting and bank signage lighting switched off, WWF roadshows are organized in all our offices across six countries.

In Singapore, in line with Earth Hour, a campaign “i-Scream for Climate Change” was launched to encourage staff to walk the stairs to save energy. Each time they took the stairs instead of using the lift, they were rewarded with an ice cream for their efforts. Over 1,000 staff participated in this movement, saving close to 300kWh worth of energy – enough to power an average three-room apartment for a month. Past outreach efforts included “Go Meatless” days to reduce our collective carbon footprint from meat production, and “Save a Mug” to encourage the reuse of mugs. In Taiwan, mugs are placed beside vending machines for common usage, and have proved to save over 90,000 paper cups every year.

Recycling at Singapore branches

Kicking off efforts to encourage staff in branches to recycle old brochures, posters, banners and more, a Pokemon-themed recycling programme was launched with selected retail branches. Recycling bins were dressed up Pokemon-style and staff were given a week to contribute recyclable materials. DBS looks to refresh the recycling campaigns through exciting themes to engage all branches in the future.

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