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Energy Consumption and Waste Management

  Energy Consumption (mWh)
  2015 2016
Singapore 45,514 45,965
Hong Kong 11,911 11,278
Rest of Greater China 15,120 13,252
South & Southeast Asia 6,657 7,117
Total 79,202 77,612

Despite an increase in our physical footprint with the new DBS Academy in Singapore and offshore tech hub in Hyderabad, DBS offices and branches across six markets consumed 78,000 mWh of energy in 2016 – reducing carbon emissions by 4% and resulting in estimated cost savings of SGD 1.2 million compared to 2015.

Although the estimated total occupancy rate in MBFC increased by 8.5% from 2012 to 2016, electrical energy consumption increased around 2.5% and water consumption remained the same.

  Total weight of paper recycled in kg
  2015 2016
Singapore 238,731 221,412
Hong Kong 171,099 194,533
Rest of Greater China 39,635 36,468
South & Southeast Asia 6,204 10,432
Total 455,669 462,845

* Comparative figures have been restated to include recycled waste from confidential document disposal in Singapore.

In 2016, 456 kg of paper waste were collected from properties across the six countries. This reflects our continual efforts, particularly in Singapore, to reduce paper consumption and encourage responsible waste disposal. Recycling bins are made available at DBS buildings across the region to encourage colleagues to dispose waste responsibly.

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