Join us at the DBS Marina Regatta in the race against time to build a more sustainable society for future generations!

    Through this year’s event, we hope to inspire positive change in our festivalgoers to be more eco-conscious and eco-ready through immersive learning experiences, showing them that small and simple everyday actions can result in significant long-term benefits for the environment.

    Here’s how we are embedding sustainability into the heart of the DBS Marina Regatta.

    Use recycled, re-usable, natural and re-purposed materials at the event, like Mycotech furniture made from upcycled mushroom waste

    Reduce fossil fuel dependency to power the event by leveraging solar energy via solar panels installed by Sunseap, a DBS-supported business for good

    Encourage festivalgoers to discover more about environmental issues via fun immersive gameplay like our eco-maze and kinetic phone chargers

    Empower people with knowledge and teach them how to be eco-conscious in their daily lives

    Use alternatives to single-use plastic by using reusable crockery and tableware

    Stop the distribution of single-use plastic water bottles and encourage festivalgoers to bring their own reusable bottles and make use of our various water points

    Integrate effective waste management solutions throughout the event

    Raise awareness of and support social enterprises that are helping to create a more inclusive society