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The DBS Office Just Got An Upgrade, And Employees Couldn't Have Asked For More


DBS’s new office gives employees a chance to balance work and play with health.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but the new DBS office in South Mumbai seamlessly combines the two. The office boasts of a panoramic view of the sea if you want to clear your mind and focus, as well as a games room to let off a little steam. And for those fitness fanatics, there are cycle stations to help you meet deadlines and your exercise quota for the day.

I love how relaxed and animated our team is in this space, even while we’re reviewing business numbers. The casual atmosphere brings out the best in us and our work — whether we’re hashing out ideas or having heated debates. A must for building a culture of collaboration. — Neetu Maheshwari, COO - Institutional Banking Group.

Chill Zone

After a big meeting or during a hectic work day, we try to squeeze in a game or two — a quick break can be really refreshing. It’s also fun to see the camaraderie and competitiveness within the team. It helps us work better together. — Praveen Aggarwal, VP - Group Audit

Game On

Here’s where we get our downtime. After a hard day’s work, we gather here for some unadulterated fun. Gaming is fun, but it’s also nice to just sit back and revel in the moment — watching the gamers in the team guide the amateurs and the cheers of support for the underdog. — Rajesh Narasimhan, VP - Finance.

Room With A View

I really like the idea of flexible seating. This small change has allowed the team to work in an agile format and to collaborate with other departments. It also means that we can enjoy the spectacular view of the Arabian Sea. I try to come in early a couple of days in a week and spend an hour or two working from these corner seats. It’s calming and helps me concentrate. — Varun Krishna, Head – Marketing, Consumer Banking Group.

Spin It

I find it hard to work out on weekdays. The cycle workstation is a good way to keep the body active after a long while at the desk. I can pedal my way to better health while staying productive. — Garima Mishra, Head – Rewards, HR.

Silence Please

These serene spaces are my go-to when I need to focus. No noise, no distractions, natural light and the sheer openness of the space clears my mind. —Yasmin Das, Head - Legal.