Live Consciously

To us, the future of business lies in being a FORCE-FOR-GOOD.

At DBS, we believe in facilitating the growth of businesses with a double bottom line, as a part of our larger focus on sustainability.

We nurture several SOCIAL ENTERPRISES that are innovatively contributing to building a more conscious and sustainable society. These are commercially viable ventures that stand out because of their focus on both purpose and profit.

We mentor these social enterprises to scale-up for good and enhance their impact.

By being a catalyst to multiple Social Enterprises across sectors, DBS stays true to its brand ethos of 'Live More, Bank Less'; facilitating more sustainability & less stagnation in the society.

We Advocate

Build awareness about Social Enterprises and their unique offerings


Support high-potential SEs through funding, mentorship & volunteerism


Embed the Force-for-Good ideology in DBS' culture & operations

DBS-Social Alpha Social Entrepreneurship Program

The DBS-Social Alpha Social Entrepreneurship Program is a strategic partnership between DBS Bank India Limited and Social Alpha.

Nurturing social enterprises - self-sustaining businesses that creatively and effectively address social needs, is our way of addressing the myriad social challenges associated with a rapidly developing country. In scaling commercially sustainable solutions, social enterprises provide jobs, goods and services to the disadvantaged and marginalized. The support for social enterprises resonates with DBS’s heritage as a 'development bank', while leveraging on our expertise in serving the SME sector.

The Program aims to bolster the growth of social enterprises and support innovators through business mentoring and seed capital. The DBS-Social Alpha program will strengthen the ecosystem for enterprises focusing on the areas of Inclusion, Healthcare and Environment by providing holistic support to entrepreneurs and equipping them with resources for creating successful go-to market strategies, developing sustainable business models and accelerating their product development efforts.

As part of this program DBS and Social Alpha will help these Businesses for Good to grow their impact in the long term through increasing their enterprise viability. DBS’s expertise in enterprise growth, combined with Social Alpha’s expertise in incubating social enterprises, will help these innovators to maximize their positive impact, while achieving commercial viability.

If you are a social enterprise or know a social enterprise that would benefit from this

program, reach out to us at