Live Consciously

One Dream. One mission: DBS Bank and Sachin Tendulkar come together to spark a change

At its core, DBS is more than just a bank. We believe that “people bank to live, not live to bank”. Our goal is to remove the hassle out of banking and empower individuals to be more, do more and live purposefully. Recently, we joined hands with our brand ambassador and cricket legend, Sachin Tendulkar to help fulfil his long standing purpose, one that concerns the most deserving in our country – our children – in an effort to enrich their lives through the medium of sports.

As somebody who was introduced to the power of sports at the age of 11, Sachin feels that “Playing is an important part of childhood. With time, it teaches you teamwork and hard work, and most importantly, gives you that ‘fighting spirit’ to live life to the fullest.” The aptly nicknamed God of cricket believes that playing some kind of sport in everyday life is essential for well-rounded success and is a great leveler as it does not discriminate on the basis of gender, class, caste or creed.

However, Sachin realised that millions of kids across the country do not get the same opportunities that he did. One of the reasons is the lack of stable electricity supply that prevents these children from enjoying playtime after dark, thereby depriving them of their childhood. Since school takes up most of their day, by the time the sun sets, they have to choose between homework, chores and playtime. As one would expect, the latter is often sacrificed.

DBS is an organisation that empowers individuals to live more and do more of what they love. Now, Sachin and DBS have partnered on this shared mission - of helping kids increase their access to playtime, so that they can light up playgrounds with their smiles. Mr. Surojit Shome, CEO of DBS India says, “What makes us different is our fundamental belief that at the heart of it all, we must do real things for real people.” Our commitment was that DBS would find a way to further Sachin’s cause.

To know more about Sachin and DBS’ shared purpose and how they’re going to spark a change together, watch the video below.