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Chilli Paneer

Chilli Paneer 1:

In 2014, while most brands were turning to social media posts to increase followers, DBS launched Chilli Paneer in 2014 a first-of-its-kind branded web-series by a bank. Chilli Paneer 1 was a story about food, love, dreams with seamless integration of banking in the lives of the characters. Ken and Asha, the two lead roles in the series, meet at an ATM and instantly connect on their common topic of interest, which is food. Chilli Paneer 1 was made up of four episodes and a viewer was taken through their journey from the time they first met until their set up their own restaurant, with the DBS bank relationship manager always by their side.

Watch it here:

Some of the many awards won for Chilli Paneer 1:

  • Best Social Media Campaign (BFSI) - Global Youth Marketing Forum
  • Silver Best Benchmark Content/Branded Content - Exchange4Media IDMA Awards 2015

Chilli Paneer 2:

Chilli Paneer 2 not only carried forward Ken and Asha's love story but also allowed viewers to interact and engage with the story and the characters. The sequel allowed viewers to be a part of film and design their own version of the story. The film has four decision points where Ken and Asha would face a situation and they need the viewer's input in deciding what to do next. The interactivity was designed such that anytime during the film, a viewer can change its course. Each viewer would experience a different ending basis the choices he/she makes during different decision points also determining the viewer's personality type at the end of the video.

Although Chilli Paneer 2 continued to take viewers through flavours of food, love and possibilities, the added layer of interactivity lets consumers live the story rather than watch it unfold. This interactivity also enabled the viewers to better experience the bank and its ethos as well as how it can partner customers basis their needs.

Watch it here:

Some of the prestigious awards won for Chilli Paneer 2:

  • Best Digital Campaign 2014 - NDTV All About Ads
  • Best in online content - CMO Asia Social Media and Digital Marketing Excellence Award (2015)
  • Gold - Lending Category - Midas Awards
  • Silver Digital Abby - Interactive video - Goa Fest