Live More With DBS Bank

DBS is a leading financial services group in Asia, headquartered in Singapore with over 280 branches across Greater China, Southeast Asia and South Asia.

Established in Mumbai in 1994, we’ve been committed to providing banking solutions in India for over two decades.

At DBS, we believe that banking should be joyful and enabling. It should keep pace with the changing times.

Over the last few years, the world has transformed the way it communicates, commutes and consumes; for banking to stay relevant, it needs to evolve as well. With this in mind, we are constantly innovating and developing digital solutions that anticipate our consumers’ ever shifting needs. By working towards making the banking experience effortless and hassle-free, we enable our customers to do more - to Live More and Bank Less.

'Live More' in fact, is the fountainhead from which spring the four guiding principles that inform and shape how we interact with the world around us: Live Committed, Live Innovative, Live Fulfilled and Live Consciously.

Live Committed

Our principle of Live Committed best manifests itself in our commitment to India. From our unique Personal Banking, Wealth Management, Business Banking and other differentiated services to introducing Digibank, a first-of-its-kind paperless, signature-less, branchless mobile-only bank in the country - we’ve been continually striving to provide out-of-the-box solutions that simplify and enhance banking in India. In fact, just last year we received an in-principle approval to set up a wholly owned subsidiary in India. This will help us to further expand and serve even smaller, Tier 2 cities across the country.

Live Innovative

For us, living innovatively is not just about the technology we use but also about the spirit of innovation that is at the very heart of how DBS functions in the world. From developing a unique integrated payment solution with Tally (India’s leading ERP solution provider) to creating Digibank, we are constantly thinking creatively to provide our customers with solutions that are intuitive and breakthrough. A testament to this spirit is the prestigious ‘World’s Best Digital Bank’ award we received from Euromoney in 2016.

Live Fulfilled

While we work tirelessly towards anticipating and addressing our customers’ needs, we realize that the happiness and wellbeing of our employees is equally crucial. Through various initiatives, we strive to create an empowering work environment that enriches the day-to-day lives of our employees and allows them to do more, be more and dream more, in other words, to Live Fulfilled.

Live Consciously

DBS is conscious of its responsibility towards society. We aspire to be a force for good through initiatives that go beyond banking to touch real people, real businesses and real lives. We realize that profits should be generated responsibly. With that in mind, we are diligent about managing our environmental footprint and work towards creating social value by supporting and mentoring a number of social enterprises in India.

We believe, that our dedication to our four guiding principles, Live Committed, Live Innovative, Live Fulfilled and Live Consciously, allows the work we do to be impactful and to generate real change in the lives we touch. Whether it is through the solutions we create for our customers, the initiatives we take for our employees or the mentorship we provide to social enterprises, we are constantly working towards one fundamental aim - to simplify and empower lives - so that each and everyone of our stakeholders can Live More.