Live Committed

A new kind of Banking

DBS has come a long way since its foundation in 1968 as the Development Bank of Singapore to emerge as a leader in the Asian banking market. A pioneer in digital transformation, we believe that the time has come for a new kind of banking, indeed a new kind of bank. And although ‘disruption’ is a word used frequently today, it has been a part of our organisation’s DNA since the very beginning. We’ve used this foundation to evolve our role in people’s lives as we reimagine banking.

Banks can no longer afford to remain stagnant in the digital age. Our customers want banking to be simple, seamless and invisible, so they can spend time on the people and things they care about. We want to enable customers to seize opportunities that they otherwise wouldn’t have access to. As a bank that understands that it is here to fill a need and not simply sell a product, our focus has been on innovating constantly. This has helped us to not only be in sync with customers’ current preferences,but also predict and meet their future requirements.

In 2018, as we set foot into our 50th year as a bank of the future, we look forward to personifying and embodying our new ethos- Live More, Bank Less.

As a bank, why ask our consumers to bank less?

Through ‘Live More, Bank Less, we are simply repositioning the nature of banking. Group CEO of DBS Bank, Piyush Gupta says, “Customer behaviors are dramatically different from what they were before. Customers want a new kind of banking. Well, the need of the future is a banking experience so seamless, so integral to a customer’s life, that it is barely even felt. The way forward for us, a bank that wants to be at the forefront of change, is to embed ourselves deeply in the customer journey.