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Meet Low Vuitton, a 19-year-old youth with special needs

“The route to the backstage was rather far. Seeing them persevere through the walk from the stage to the backstage to the makeup room, and then back to stage again for rehearsals - it really touched my heart. It was a hot, humid day and some youths also had mobility issues, yet they were putting on their best smiles and strutted down the runway so well!” shared Eileen Yap, Founder of Fashion for a Social Cause.

Meet Low Vuitton, a 19-year-old youth with special needs. Vuitton’s kindergarten teachers had shared with his parents that he had ADHD, and they were subsequently informed that he also had dyslexia and speech delay.

But that did not stop Vuitton.

Growing up, he had always been a curious child with a love for learning. He was open to new experiences and adventures. One day, Vuitton was presented an opportunity to perform on stage when everyone learnt of his natural talents in modelling and dancing.

Today, not only does he model and dance, but works as a retail lead at Fashion For A Cause @ Esplanade, where you can find the most unique products hand-made by Vuitton’s friends.

Low Vuitton was one of the models who walked down the runway by the bay during our recent fashion show at the DBS Foundation Outdoor Theatre. The models from Fashion For A Cause flaunted their handmade fashion products as they gracefully posed in their pre-loved costumes.

The fashion show marked the beginning of our programme series “Perspectives @ Esplanade”, which strives to serve as a forum for individuals who share a common vision of making a positive difference in our community and at the same time bring excitement to the bay area.

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