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By Joan Cheong | University Engagement Lead, DBS Innovation Group

Who are the UNI.CORNs?

May 27, 2016


Interested to know more about their background and areas of interest?

Check out this quick breakdown of their schools/courses and their individual profiles below.

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Business Management
and Economics,

Abel is interested in technology related start-ups and will be headed to Israel for exchange as well as a summer internship in 2017. Equipped with a background in Human Centred Design, Lean Experimentation and Lean Start-up hopes to solve challenges in the cashless payments space. Abel is passionate about coffee and food, he spends his free time whipping up a storm in the kitchen and at coffee shops around the island.




As a DBS consumer banking UNI.CORN intern, Badai has proven that his creativity and innovativeness is above and beyond the typical person. He has consistently held leadership positions in multiple Sport CCAs and actively volunteered in community service projects. Above all else, Badai is hyper-curious and willing to learn anything under the sun that will add value to his life in the present and the future.


Psychology and Strategic Management,

Benny dropped out of school with the intention of starting up his own company when he was 18. Learning from the failures of his first venture, he returned to school to broaden his horizons. Today, he’s double majoring in psychology and strategic management (entrepreneurship) because of his passion in change management and corporate entrepreneurship. He graduates next year in 2017. Working with SMEs has inspired him to help local businesses grow and achieve their fullest potential.

Jing Chuan



Jing Chuan is interested in big data processing skills, which covers various skills essential in the digital age such as programming, statistics, finance, economics, accounting, marketing. He spent a semester abroad in King's College London majoring in Business Management to widen his horizon. Previously he worked in a consulting team with IBM, and taught Python programming as a teaching assistant. Now he is working in the DBS innovation team to solve new business challenges. In his spare time, he likes reading, swimming, playing the piano and taking photos.




SMU (Exchange)

Kai is an undergraduate business student from Germany where he is enrolled at the European Business School. With a strong interest in entrepreneurship, he organised one of Europe’s largest student-led entrepreneurship conference. Leading a ten-men team, Kai was also responsible for the marketing the event which drew in several hundred participants across Europe’s universities. His entrepreneurial journey continued in Berlin, where he worked in two early stage startups as their first employee. It was during his exchange semester at the Singapore Management University, where he decided to apply to the DBS Innovation Group team as a Unicorn.

Kang Liang

Quantitative Economics & Strategic Management,

Kang Liang built up his connections with the startup and entrepreneurship scene in Singapore. His interest in community building and entrepreneurial exposure also saw him organize a student visit to Singapore’s entrepreneurship backyard to learn more about the local startup environment. Kang Liang’s previous experience also includes working in startups in eCommerce at ShopBack and Glints, which helps to place interns in corporate companies. He’s well-versed with digital strategy, human-centered design, and venture capital. He sees himself being an entrepreneur in the near future with the experience he has gained.


Information Engineering
and Media,


Kezia is an undergraduate student from NTU school of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, majoring in Information Engineering and Media. Her passion lies in art, design and media and she’s now an accomplished graphic designer. She is expanding on her skillsets to  learning more about UI design, web design and product design. She is not afraid to explore new things and learn through her failures and successes. Kezia is also an adventurer and nature lover who prefers mountains rather than spending time in a shopping mall.




Nicholas doesn’t let experience or rather the lack of it get to him. He’s the only first year student part of DBS’s inaugural UNICORN programme. Equipped with an arsenal of creativity and an uncanny ability to think out of the box, he’s highly ambitious and wants to achieve success young . Nicholas has the ability to draw out unique insights, and weave through his words in a way that clearly articulates his ideas. In all, this makes Nicholas an ideal fit with the DBS Innovation Group (DIG) and what they stand for.


and Statistics,

Noreen lives by the principle – “Success isn't permanent and failure isn't fatal." because she believes that everyone has the capability to succeed as long as they are not afraid of failures. More importantly, this also means not letting her own successes blind her vision of continuously striving to achieving greater heights. What gets her excited every day? Learning new things and welcoming challenges that come her way. Outside of work, she enjoys performing and travelling with my friends who describe her as dramatic, fun and adventurous.



Ravin is looking for career opportunities in the Innovation and FinTech space because he believes that Innovation is the key to sustainable growth for enterprises. He actively seeks self-development opportunities and is motivated to challenge the status quo. Outside of work he is a member of a non-profit organization called Young Sikh Association (YSA), where he aims to make a positive impact in the lives of Singapore youths. His personal interests lie in finding ways to alleviate poverty and providing education to under privileged children in lesser-developed countries.



Ric is curious about how the human centric approach can be applied to ideas and product design. He’s been involved in several design workshops and symposiums. More recently, he developed a biometric system for hotel/payments authentication. While pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering at NUS, he did a year long stint in Shanghai where he worked as a product manager for a software firm. He has also been working for a bell company for two years and initiated its expansion into China and Vietnam.His interest in people and cultures spurred his travels where he developed a love for languages and is currently picking up Japanese and Vietnamese.


Law and

Shaun is obsessed with learning, innovation and design, and thinks most business models can be broken down and replicated across industries like a Physics formula. He predicts the sharing economy will only become more dominant and creepier in the time to come, and Singapore will be the first driver-less nation in 2028. Currently pursuing a double degree in Law and Business at NUS, his other interests revolve around Equity Crowdfunding and Intellectual Property.




Timothy is currently in his sophomore year at NUS, pursuing a major in Business Analytics. He is outgoing, sporty and loves challenges. He strives to know more about the financial technology industry, and is always eager to learn and strive to stay abreast with the latest tech trends and news. He has a vision of revolutionizing financial decision-making processes by harnessing the potential of big data, and dreams of starting his own FinTech company.


Fine Arts
in Animation,

Winel is fascinated by how great stories and ideas can be used to inspire and entertain people. Part empath, her passion is derived from the optimistic people she surrounds herself with who have strong beliefs and confidence to make dreams comes true. Currently she is working in DBS under innovation team to generate a social solution. She is also a makeup and wardrobe director of a theatrical musical production and a product designer in her university's store. Everything that she does is a reflection of her belief in brilliant values for people to enjoy and live.

Yan Yee

Information Systems of Technology and Design,

Yan Yee loves making things happen. While you might often catch her zoning out, she’s actually in deep thought considering life’s intricacies. This often happens when she is programming. When it comes to making decisions or judgments, there must be data to support it. She is data-driven because data is king. Primarily an introvert, she doesn’t let it stop her when it comes to discovery and learning by engaging people who can share insights with her. Some say curiosity kills the cat, but she believes without it, there will be no progress.




Zachary's working experience with startups include internships at Red Dot Payment, as well as with the DBS Innovation Group. He is a specialist in Search Engine Optimization and Marketing and observes how technology can be applied in the working environment. This also led him to found his own company, Round Peg, which aims to help businesses develop and expand their online presence. An avid problem solver, he enjoys tackling issues that are presented to him and proposing unique solutions for every situation.



I love everything to do with innovation, human-centric approach, disruptive technologies and I feel a true devotion for user experience design. My passion lies in designing solutions that touches the heart and make lives better.


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