With DBS’ API platform, banking services can now be seamlessly woven into everyday living

Short of cash and can’t find an ATM? En route to your massage session but you’ve left the redemption vouchers at home? Had enough of waiting in queues for your food order?

Some of these all too common frustrations can now be avoided, following the launch of DBS’ API developer platform.

APIs, or application programming interfaces, are a set of rules created by businesses or institutions that other. For instance, YouTube has an API that allows its videos to be embedded on external sites easily.

APIs enable developers to save time integrating their applications with others, creating services at a faster place, to make life more convenient for consumers.

In November 2017, DBS launched its world’s largest banking API developer platform. It allows brands, corporates, fintechs and software developers to integrate with their applications, more than 20 categories of banking services, such as funds transfers, rewards, DBS PayLah! and real-time payments.

The outcome: consumers can go about their day-to-day activities with greater ease, because banking has been naturally and seamlessly woven into these third-party services. Here are some examples.

Live hassle-free:

1. Order your meal and pay for it, all in one app
Skip the queues! Various eateries have tapped on DBS’ APIs to offer a range of food ordering and payment options. Some, such as Aloha Poke and Boon Tong Kee, allow you to submit an order and pay using DBS PayLah! Express checkout on their apps. Simply collect your order once it’s ready. With Ya Kun’s app, you can order at the store and pay via the app using DBS PayLah! Express checkout. No cash on hand? No problem. Find out more.

2. Get cash easily
If you do need cash, however, you can get them without having to hunt down an ATM. DBS customers can use the soCash app to withdraw money (either from their DBS accounts or via DBS PayLah!) from participating stores, such as SPH Buzz kiosks, 7-Eleven and U Stars Supermarket.

“People need cash, but it can be a hassle when you are unaware of the location(s) of nearby ATM(s) or when there are long queues. This ensures that cash is always around the corner for consumers,” says Hari Sivan, CEO of soCash.

3. Redeem mobile data, classes, services easily with DBS credit card points
Use your points to instantly redeem plenty of good stuff, such as a spa experience, HIIT workout or yoga class on Activpass’ mobile app, or arrange for a care assessment by a professional nurse and care specialist from in-home caregiving service Homage’s app.

You can even use your points to buy additional data on the CirclesCare app if you’re a Circles.Life member. Find out more

4. Safely pay on Carousell
Enjoy shopping on Carousell? It’s easier to make payments now! With CarouPay, which links directly to one’s DBS PayLah! account, buyers can pay the seller directly within the app. They don’t have to exit the app to use third-party fund transfer platforms or arrange meet ups with sellers.

You get greater peace of mind as well. All transactions are suspended by Carousell until you have verified receipt of the item as described. If you haven’t, the payment will not be released to the seller until the matter is resolved.

“The digital momentum that we see today is just the tip of the iceberg. By creating ecosystem partnerships – collaborating, creating and innovating together with partners – we believe that we can provide the best products, solutions and experiences,” says Shee Tse Koon, DBS’ Group Head of Strategy and Planning, and Head of Ecosystems.

As of July 2018, some 200 APIs have been released on DBS’ API developer platform. There are about 70 partners using DBS’ APIs.