Flexi-Fixed Deposit

for your DBS Corporate Current Account


And enjoy free transfer charges and preferential FX rates!

FFD is a Fixed Deposit linked to your current account. With the FFD, your surplus balances will be automatically ‘swept out’ and vice versa, so you can earn interest when you reach the pre-defined cap amount#.

Earn high interest rates of 4% p.a*.

Short tenor of 7 calendar days

Withdraw anytime at no charges

Easy and convenient with automatic sweeping of funds



How it works:

  1. Simply maintain an End of Day Balance of at least INR 75,000 in your current account.
  2. Surplus balances above INR 75,000 will be automatically swept out to the FFD (Up to INR 3,00,000) in multiples of INR 1,000.
  3. Minimum tenor of 7 calendar days @ 4% interest p.a.!
  4. FFD will be created for 7 calendar days @ 4% interest p.a.!


Other benefits:

  1. Free RTGS / NEFT / NACH transactions.
  2. Free access to DBS DealOnline, and book FX transactions in more than 40 currency pairs at preferential rates for free.
  3. Free Debit Card.




Interest payout

End of Day Balance
< INR 75,000

Balance remains in current account

End of Day Balance
> 75,000 and
< INR 3,75,000

Balance up to INR 75,000 remains in the current account. Amount greater than INR 75,000 is swept out to a 7-day FFD in multiples of INR 1000 at prevailing rates. The FFD needs to be placed for a minimum of 7 Calendar days to earn interest.

End of Day Balance
> INR 3,75,000

FFDs are capped at a cumulative sum of INR 3,00,000. Initial threshold sum of INR 75,000 and all amounts greater than INR 3,00,000 in FFDs will continue to remain in the current account as surplus balance.

#This is a limited period opt-in offer until 31st October 2018 for existing or new Sole Proprietor and e-Business Lite customers, with a standard FFD threshold of INR 75,000 up to a cap of INR 3,00,000.

*For current interest rates, please refer to the ‘Domestic & NRO Rates’ section 7 days tenure here: https://www.dbs.com/in/treasures/common/interest-rates.page


Important details:

  1. Funds are swept out to the FFD in denominations of INR 1,000. FFD balances are swept into your linked current account in denominations of INR 1 (When balance falls below INR 75,000).
  2. FFDs will be created for a 7-day tenor and the total value of all FFDs at any point cannot exceed INR 3,00,000. The FFD has to be placed for a minimum of 7 Calendar days to earn interest.
  3. Interested customers are to contact DBS BusinessCare at 1800 419 9500 between 25th June 2018 to 31st October 2018.
  4. Please visit www.dbs.com/in/iwov-resources/forms/insme/dbscontent/current-acct-svc-charges.pdf for all charges and fees.
  5. Please refer to the sign-up document for T&Cs governing the product offering.
  6. The offer may be withdrawn at the bank’s discretion with a prior notice of 30 days to the customer.
  7. Maintain a minimum Average Quarterly Balance of INR 50,000 in your linked current account.

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