ENCORE – Enriched Consolidated Receivables

Smarter receivables reconciliation made seamless

ENCORE – Enriched Consolidated Receivables

Smarter receivables reconciliation made seamless

At a Glance
If you face the challenge of having to retrieve incoming payment information from fragmented sources or reconcile bulk payment for multiple invoices, ENCORE can help you drive greater efficiencies in accounts receivables reconciliation.

Single file

We help you to consolidate incoming payments across multiple collection channels and generate a single Enriched File



We provide invoice details enrichment from data sources such as payment advices to  generate a single  Enriched File, which can be customized, for upload into your ERP/ accounting software for auto reconciliation.


You can now identify the paying customers and the purpose of payments more quickly.

Features & Benefits

Save time

Your payment advice sorted for you


Save time and resources

ENCORE matches payer and payment information across fragmented sources, so you can redeploy resources to more value-added activities


Less human errors

No manual extraction of data from payment advices


Better working capital management

Faster turnaround in AR reconciliation and shorter days sales outstanding

How it Works

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ENCORE Factsheet
What is ENCORE?

Enriched Consolidated Receivables (“ENCORE”) is DBS’ regional receivables reconciliation solution. With ENCORE, we help you to consolidate information of all incoming payments across multiple collection channels. You will receive a single Enriched file that provides consolidated incoming transactions with enrichment details.

Do I need to have a DBS Business Account to use ENCORE?

Yes, you need to have a Business Account with us in order to use this service. To maximise your benefit of using this service, we recommend that you have bulk of your collections credited into your DBS account..

How can ENCORE help with my Account Receivables reconciliation process?

You can streamline and optimise your reconciliation effort by integrating the Enriched files into your work flow.

Where can I access the ENCORE Enriched Files?

ENCORE Enriched File is available via IDEAL (our online banking platform) or Ideal Connect (our host to host solution).