Card Protection Plan – FAQS


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, fraudulent use of your mobile wallets is now part of the Card Protection product. Any fraudulent use of the money in your mobile wallet is now covered

Yes, there is no limit to the number of mobile wallets covered under a single Card Protection membership. All your current mobile wallets and any that you add subsequently during the membership period are covered

The pre-notification cover is the number of days from which your protection starts prior to reporting fraudulent use on your mobile wallet. The pre-notification cover is 3 days prior to loss reporting

Your mobile wallet protection cover varies with the Card Protection product you buy. The limits are:

  • - Classic Card Protection product: Rs. 50k
  • - Premium & Platinum Card Protection products: Rs. 100k per member

Yes, mobile wallets belonging to your spouse are covered if you have bought the Premium or Platinum Card Protection variants

No, your device must be lost/stolen and a police complaint about the lost device must be filed for you to get covered under the mobile wallet protection

No, there is no limit to the amount of claim you can make per wallet. However, the total amount of claim you can make on fraudulent use of your mobile wallets must be lesser than the overall limit (Rs. 50k for Classic, Rs. 100k for Premium & Platinum customers)