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Step Up Interest Rate Linked Investment

Potential competitive returns

Interest Rate Linked Investment (IRLI) is a structured product with principal protected at maturity which allows you to get periodic returns with potential competitive returns

Product Details


  • Protection of Investment Principal guaranteed when mature
  • Provides a more attractive yield
  • Allows Customer Portfolio diversification
  • Medium-term investment plan according to product tenor
  • Returns credited periodically, not on maturity


  • 1 to 5 years tenor
  • Callable, the right to redeem the product earlier, in which the protection of the principal remains valid
  • Available in various currencies according to the needs and preferences of the customer
  • Minimum placement of USD 20,000 or equivalent in other currencies


  • Market Risk/Interest rate

In situations where the reference rate is higher than the IRLI coupon rate, the customer will get a coupon rate that is higher than the reference interest rate.

  • Credit Risk

Customer will bear the bank’s credit risk associated with payments under IRLI. In the worst case scenario, customer will not receive profit and loss of the initial investment amount and/or coupon

  • Liquidity Risk

IRLI is intended to be held to maturity. IRLI is not an instrument that can be sold or transferred in the market.




IRLI Coupon

Interest Rate reference














The examples above illustrate some possible scenarios, but it is not comprehensive and is not a prediction of future performance. Examples and these figures are hypotheses and are for illustration only.

Coupons accepted by the customer will be subject to tax in accordance to the law.


Transaction cost in IRLI:

  • Stamp duty feeaccording to regulations
  • Other costs that are already included  in the interest rate IRLI such as placement fee

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