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Generate Income

Focused on yield enhancement and income-generating financial instruments.

FX and Cash Management

Currency Linked Investment Renminbi

Currency Linked Investment RenminbiOpportunity to start Currency Linked Investment in Renminbi (“CLI Renminbi”)

Currency Linked Investment

Currency Linked InvestmentEarn attractive returns with a Currency Linked Investment that allows you to receive your principal amount and yield maturity in the base currency or an alternative currency of your choice.

Fixed Income

Ashmore Dana Obligasi Nusantara

Ashmore Dana Obligasi NusantaraAshmore Dana Obligasi Nusantara aims to achieve high returns by investing in debt securities issued by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and/or Indonesian corporations offered through a Public Offering and/or traded in the Stock Exchange.


BondsYour investment in government bonds will propel our country’s development


Protected Funds

Protected FundsIf you are looking for a medium-term investment, Capital Protected Funds will suit your needs. Capital Protected Funds allow you to invest in corporate or government bonds and help to protect your principle if it is held until maturity.

Fixed Income Funds

Fixed Income FundsA medium risk mutual fund that provides a return through investment with composition in bonds ≥ 80% of the total portfolio. This fund could play an important role in balancing your portfolio with diversification in fixed income asset class.