Disclaimer for Currency Linked Investment

Currency Linked Investment (“CLI”) consist of exchange rate risk. This product is not guaranteed by PT Bank DBS Indonesia or its affiliations, nor included as object of government of Republic of Indonesia guaranteed program.

CLI is not a traditional investment, nor savings and/or ordinary deposit. CLI associated with currency options that give the bank right to pay base amount and its return at maturity on base currency or alternative currency. Whole or part of interest in CLI is premium from currency options.

By investing in CLI, Customer gives the right for the Bank to pay in the future with alternate currency which is different with base currency, ignoring customer’s currency desire at one time. CLI depends on currency fluctuation that will affect Customer’s return on investment. Customer should comfortable with alternate currency on maturity date. Otherwise, if Customer wish to exchange their fund to base currency, amount received possible decreased from initial investment. In worst situation, huge decrease in alternate currency to base currency possibly caused loss of total investment and return.

CLI is not saving and/or ordinary/conventional deposit and/or its subtitute. Prospective Customer is suggested to get advice from proffesional financial advisor before investing in CLI. If prospective Customer prefers not to do so, Customer should consider, know, and understand that CLI is fit for Prospective Customer.

Prospective Customer must have enough knowledge and understanding and separately get advice from proffesional financial advisor for personal valuation of benefits and risks from transaction and pospective Customer is not allowed to rely on any information, advice, or suggestion from PT Bank DBS Indonesia (“Bank”), officials and employees including any party related to the Bank.